Witty Mom’s Response to Her Cranky Neighbor Will Make You Chuckle

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 18, 2020

from home has its set of ups and down but does that mean you start bullying
your neighbors?

Amy Yeh, a Malaysian-based mother, was asked to keep her crying baby’s voice down
the other day as it was a reason of frustration for their next door neighbors.
These neighbors have been very kind during this pandemic as they personally
visited Geralyn’s house to complain and scare them off. If that wasn’t it,
they left a note in which they asked her to be a bit more “considerate”.

understandable that working from home is hard. You have to deal with noise and
distractions that you won’t necessarily face when you’re working in an office.
However, what is this behavior? The note is quite demeaning!

Source: The Sun

course, Geralyn was shocked but she wrote back an amusing letter, and honestly,
we’re fans. The reply was witty and on point! She also posted it on Facebook
and the reactions have been splendid!

wrote: “For infant, they can get real irritating with their high pitch
screaming or crying but that’s the way they communicate and I do not have the
magic to stop her from crying or make her grow up faster so that she can
communicate without crying (sic).”

butts in a joke as well: “We gave
her a stern warning on the day we received your feedback. I’m not sure if she
quite understood it, but she did look serious after hearing it and gave a pity
sad look.”

she promised to keep her door closed most of the day but gave a fair warning
that it might make the baby “cranky”.
She didn’t stop here. She left them an advice and suggested them to put on
headphones to block the excessive noise.

concluded the letter with this: “I
would appreciate you not to come over to shout or scold my helper as your
behavior has scared her and my baby (sic).”

Source: The Sun

Hats off to her! Indeed, Mothers we need right now!

Updated August 18, 2020
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