Who Will Russia Side With: India or China?

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  • POSTED ON: June 24, 2020

India and China are both facing a war-like situation as the tensions on the border have intensified. The question that arises among this chaos is, which country will Russia side with since both of them have been close allies of the USSR in the past?

Source: Tribune India

India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has gone to Russia on a three-day trip to meet the high military officials of the country. Singh will also participate in the grand military parade organized to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in the second world war.


The visit of Rjanath Singh is quite strategic as it comes immediately after China and India had a clash in the Ladakh region.


Before leaving for Russia, Singh tweeted, “Leaving for Moscow on a three-day visit. The visit to Russia will give me an opportunity to hold talks on ways to further deepen the India-Russia defense and strategic partnership. I shall also be attending the 75th Victory Day Parade in Moscow.”


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The Indian military officials say that even before the tension with China escalated, Singh was scheduled to visit Russia because of their strong and historic military ties.


For many years now, India has avoided all the important defense deals presented to it. They have used financial excuses among others to deny the multi-utility helicopters that were supposed to be built in India but the construction has not started since 2014.


Russia says, “If India had these helicopters ready, then the soldiers who died due to lack of medical help in the Galwan Valley could have been saved easily”.


Experts say that the Indian government is the major cause of delay in these deals because many investors from Russia had started to question the seriousness of the authorities as far as the defense is concerned. Sukhoi and MIG aircraft are the vital weapons of the Indian Air Force but due to their own reasons, the current government has not given any heads up for buying these products.

Source: Hindu

If you dig deep into the matter, you will realize that experts have posted a lot of reports on how the US has warned India against doing any sort of arms or defense deals with Russia and this has scared the financial sector of the country, especially because they heavily rely on trade with America.


According to experts — “The visit of the Defense Minister is also an opportunity to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries, apart from the India-Russia defense partnership”.


On the other hand, some experts believe that Russia is a weak power now and it needs China’s support to survive in case of any tension in the country. So, India should also understand that Russia might not be able to openly side with its forces and the eventual power will only rest with the US who can come and ask the forces in Beijing to stop their operation in Ladakh.


Updated June 24, 2020
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