When USA Will Take COVID 19 Seriously?

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  • POSTED ON: July 3, 2020

The current state of The United States is disappointingly predictable considering their thoughtless reopening plans. Around 2.6 million people have been infected with the fatal Coronavirus and 128,064+ are already dead.

Who’s at fault? Are we still blaming Trump’s administration? His inept leadership has always been known. His lack of vision and pathetic leadership has turned the first wave of pandemic into a tsunami. We knew that the outcome of this pandemic would be unprecedented and challenging to overcome. However, it is time that we introduce a term to the world, considering the damages have surpassed all barometers. This wasn’t the first wave of the pandemic – it is a tsunami.

The devastating waves that shuddered China hit each and every country in the world. Some countries emerged stronger than the rest as they fought this disaster headstrong and read the warnings proficiently. Where small countries like New Zealand passed with flying colors, superpowers like the United States fell flat on its face.

The biggest problem that we witnessed in the United States was a lack of understanding. The leadership was quick to dismiss the dreadful situation that occurred quite early on in the year 2020. Everything that could’ve gone smoothly went terribly wrong.

First, the government took its sweet time dawdling the testing procedures and then the businesses and traveling remained open until the situation emerged impossible to control. It came to a point where people were forced to choose between their livelihoods and safety. If things had gone according to a straightforward plan, things could have been different. 

Many mayors and governors like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo delayed lockdown and downplayed the severity of the situation.

“Excuse our arrogance as New Yorkers — I speak for the mayor also on this one — we think we have the best health care system on the planet right here in New York. So, when you’re saying, what happened in other countries versus what happened here, we don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries.” – This is what Cuomo said in a press conference on March 2nd.

In simple words, he told his people that he will wait it out and see if the situation is really that bad or not. And that’s literally the opposite of what he should’ve done to control the damages provoked by the pandemic.

Other states literally shrugged off when the virus slammed into New York. This is the time when the New York had 24,866 people dead and 394,079 active cases of Coronavirus. The rest of the country was open and in denial of the pandemic.

Flash forward and we’re looking at the massive wreckage of battered communities and flatted lives meanwhile, the tsunami crashes onto shores packed with citizens. At first we thought this would all end by April, but the sad truth is that we’re in July and there’s still no sign of a vaccine and people are still not following the SOPs – causing further damage. 

“We’re not in the situation of New Zealand or Singapore or Korea where a new case is rapidly identified and all the contacts are traced and people are isolated who are sick and people who are exposed are quarantined and they can keep things under control. We have way too much virus across the country for that right now, so it’s very discouraging.” – says Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fauci, a congressman, believes that we can still overcome this pandemic. He said: “The only way we’re going to end it is by ending it together.”

Source: BBC

For the citizen, this means continuing social distancing, washing hands with a good sanitizer constantly, wearing masks, and getting tested. And for governments, that means cutting the bullshit and taking this pandemic seriously. Focus on the larger picture, setting an example by leading steadfastly, and prioritizing the lives of everyone.

It’s now or too late. 

Updated July 3, 2020
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