Unbelievable! Man Sentenced For Stealing 200 L.O.L Dolls

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 13, 2020

A 42-year-old man stole around 200 L.O.L dolls from South Belfast’s Smith Toys in 2018 for which he’s been sentenced to jail for 16 months.

The man is named Stephen Casement and he’s from Avoca Street in the city. He has admitted his crime during the Downpatrick Crown Court’s hearing in Belfast.

The dolls’ value was never recovered, which roughly £2,796. He will be spending half of his sentence in jail. In the CCTV footage, you can clearly see that on the 3rd October of 2018, he entered the store at least three times in under five minutes.

In all these times, he picked up and removed the boxes of dolls from the store and put them in a Volkswagen Passat’s boot. Apart from him, at least three more people were sitting in the car.

When the footage was found within the staff, one of the employees recognized his face, and that led to his ultimate arrest.

This man was already in the middle of a suspended case and keeping that in mind, Judge Miller added nine more months in his sentence for breaching the orders set by the court. Defense claims that his client had accepted that he would get longer prison sentences in case he didn’t correct his ways. He further added that his addiction to drugs has a role to play in his criminal behavior.

Updated August 13, 2020
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