Trump’s Ramp Walk Gives Twitter Something New to Laugh About

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  • POSTED ON: June 15, 2020

Everything that Trump does is bound to make the headlines, not just because he is the President but also because he is one of the weirdest ones in US history.


On Saturday, Trump delivered a speech at West Point’s commencement meeting and decided to descend the stage by walking down a ramp.

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Now if it was anyone else, you wouldn't expect anything unusual but Trump apparently scooted down the ramp with caution, watching his steps while other people just did it with ease.


In the video, you can see that he struggles a lot to walk down the ramp but West Point superintendent Darryl A Williams does the same without any difficulty.

Source: Twitter

This might not have been viral had Trump not criticized Obama’s stair-walking style in 2014 and called it “inelegant and unpresidential”. One hilarious thing to note here is that Obama, too, used this West Point ramp in 2014 and did so with ease. So Trump’s tweets do come back to haunt him from time to time.


The joke should have ended after people retweeted his walk but please don’t forget that this is President Trump, we are talking about. He did not like the mockery at all and took to Twitter to defend his walk, calling the ramp “long and steep”, which it is not if you look at the video. He also said that it was “slippery” and many did not fail to point out that the weather was extremely dry on Saturday.

Source: Twitter

Where else will you find a president who goes on Twitter to define his walk down the ramp instead of discussing global issues like the pandemic and the ongoing protests against systemic racism? Honestly, Trump outdoes himself every time and he clearly hates any comment about his health, strength, and walk.


Updated June 15, 2020
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