Trump’s back! Future Agenda Is To Suppress the Vote

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: March 1, 2021

Former president Donald Trump gave a rapturous 88-minute address to the listeners of 2021 CPAC conference on Sunday in which he gave the viewers the opposite of what they expected.

While many had expected that the former president will run for president in the next election, Trump has made it ardently clear that he isn’t ready to make that pledge as of yet. However, his statement was pretty obscure so no one knows when his mind starts working.

So why did he come? What did he have so urgent to convey to his audience? Well, he vented about his lost kingdom – he is convinced that the future of Trumpism is bright and that he is feeling vindicated and revived after the recent loss.

Most of the content of his speech seemed unoriginal and boring as they were rehashed from his 2020 presidential campaign. He did what he always does and bragged about how great his presidency was and that it was only his presidency that achieved as many “triumphs” as it did.

He didn’t leave the bitter pills at home – naturally he took time to show his displeasure and claimed that Joe Biden’s presidency is going to be the worst. God knows how made him say this in such a brief time.

He says that if not him then somebody else with the same ideals need to take over or else the future of the country will be at stake. Sure. He wants the same policies, especially the immigration policies, to revive.

His seemed in tune with every other Conservative Political Action Conference and suggested that resistance is the only thing on top of his agenda – resistance to the opposition party. Not once but twice he claimed that the Democratic governance will lead the country into communism. It was actually typical of him to spend over an hour talking about the past instead of the future and what the country needs right now.

He demanded “election integrity” legislation in every state – including the universal revocation of absentee balloting. Basically, he wants an in-person early voting along with universal voter ID requirement.

This is an interesting proposition keeping in mind that all 13 states that were led by Biden had an ID requirement fully enforced. On the other hand, 34 states which included the 12 states that were led by Trump has no excuse voting by mail prior to the COVID-19 pandemic – a reason Trump claims to be behind his defeat.

It seems like Trump is suggesting that his landslide victory needed a tighter guideline and rules. After losing, Trump blasted the Supreme Court – including three of his own nominees – and accused them of lacking courage to stand up for what is right.

It seems like Trump is determined to ensure that Republicans go into the next election with full force and restore its lost legacy – even without his leadership (that’s kind of selfless of him, even the thought of putting another human being above himself). Let’s just admit that the CPAC 2021 was to address the nation that Republicans are united under the same ideology and aim to take over in the next election.  

Will you be voting for trump if he did run for presidency in the next election? To us, Trump’s future is a blur and we don’t forgive stolen election lies that were made just to fulfill Trump’s agenda. Honestly, it’s stupid of the Conservative Party to back Trump’s agenda considering the damage his has caused in the 2020 election.

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Updated March 1, 2021
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