Top 8 insane mysteries of 2020 that will keep you up at night!

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  • POSTED ON: December 22, 2020

New years are usually refreshing and promising – they tend to rejuvenate your spirit and make you feel hopeful. But the beginning of 2020 wasn’t the same; instead, it was filled with dread and pessimism.

And maybe that’s exactly why the universe is torturing us and giving us a taste of our own medicine.

So much has happened this year. If we begin to count down all the major events on our fingertips, we’d be short of fingers. 2020 was simply horrendous, and we put on a great show by not following the SOPs and creating drama out of nothing and everything.

Can you believe that only in the first month of the year, World War 3 was about to happen? But that seems like eons ago, right? How about the time Kanye West announced his presidential bid and Meghan and Harry left the Royal Palace?

Okay, we’ve got another one: Can you believe that 2020 was the same year Elon Musk had a son and he gave him the most bizarre numerical name?

But hey, we’re not finished yet. In fact, we’re about to remind you of some of the most bizarre mysteries of the year. Pull up your socks and brace yourself, because we’re about to freak you out a little bit with some of the most insane mysteries of 2020.

For all mystery-lovers, we’d like to give a disclaimer, this blog doesn’t include best murder mystery books. For a change, this one has mysteries of 2020that will leave you night guessing! So leave your best mystery books recommendations at the door and check out our top 8 mysterious events of this year.

Pentagon released 3 UFO videos

In April, the United States Department of Defense released short clips that showcased “unidentified aerial phenomena” along with a statement that these videos were taken by Navy pilots back in 2004 and 2005. Apparently, these videos were circulating on the internet as someone leaked it in the year 2007 and 2017  respectively.

In the video, there were unidentified flying objects moving quickly through the screen. Because no extraterrestrial object can ever be captured from a working lens, this time too, there was some sort of wax or glycerin on it.

A star went missing

Umm, what? We still don’t understand how a star can go missing. Like, there was a star which astronomers had been studying for almost 2 decades and it was reportedly 75 million light-years away, and one day, they woke up to discover that it’s just not there anymore.

Some people claim that the star possibly got sucked into the black hole, but isn’t there supposed to be an explosion or something to confirm that? Strange… people lose their pencil and bobby pins but here, qualified scientists have lost an entire star.

Mystery drones over Colorado and Nebraska

So, this story may not be as glorified as the one about aliens and extraterritorial objects, but it has a similar vibe to it. Back in January, citizens of Colorado and Nebraska reported that they saw mysterious drones flying in the sky. Apparently, they were fast and thick in size. Some even claimed that they looked like cars flying in grid patterns.

Monkey stole COVID samples

Maybe monkeys don’t want us to find the cure for COVID-19, and can you blame them?

Anyway, what happened was that in one of the largest government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, India, a monkey first attacked a lab technician, snatched the blood samples he was carrying of three patients suffering from coronavirus, then ran away.

Can you believe there was also a video of the monkey sitting on top of a tree with the three blood samples it stole? Maybe humans deserve it.

A puppy was born with green fur

In October, a dog gave birth to five puppies and one of them was born with green fur. There’s usually some sort of a scientific explanation but no one has been able to explain the green pigment as of yet.

Poland accidentally invaded the Czech Republic

Can you believe that a country invaded another country by mistake? In May, the Polish military accidentally invaded the territory of Czech Republic. But the accidental takeover by the Polish authorities was fixed “in the spirit of good relations” between the two countries by the ministry and no harm was done.

Murder hornets came to the U.S.

A rare species of deadly hornet, usually found in Japan, found its way into the United States of America. Guess they can’t close the border now! It is known that these strange hornets have the ability to kill up to 50 people in a year.

Monoliths appearing around the world

And now comes the one we’re most excited about – the monoliths! Do you know that in the last one month, monoliths have been appearing and disappearing in different countries in a systematic manner?

It was initially discovered in Utah, and the day it vanished from there, it mysteriously appeared in Romania. Similarly, when it disappeared from Romania, it was again found in the Isle of Wright.

Some people, like us, believe that aliens are trying to communicate something to us; others claim that it’s a promotional strategy by the toblerone company.

Whatever it is, it seems to be gaining a lot of attention from the world. The last we tracked it was found somewhere in India – what’s next?

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Updated December 22, 2020
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