Top 8 False Eyelashes Blunders and Failures

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  • POSTED ON: February 4, 2021

False eyelashes are considered game-changers when it comes to makeup for more than one reason. Like, it not just helps your eyelashes appear fuller but also adds more color and a customized fit. However, it’s not one of those eye accessories that you just know how to swing. As a matter of fact, it takes years of practice to become a professional at it!

It takes experience to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. First-time users often fail to use them on their own; they always seek help. Eyelashes blunders can result in losing your real eyelashes as they often fall apart. Thereby, you have to ensure that you invest in good quality extensions and fake eyelashes. Your eyelashes can easily make or break a look, so make sure you avoid the following eyelash blunders and failures.

Failing to Cut Your Lashes before Applying

It is important to realize that sets of new eyelashes typically come in longer strands than your actual ones. This allows you to cut and shape it according to your shape of eyelashes. Hence, make sure you mould it according to your need before applying it. This way, they’ll look more natural as well.

Not Cleaning Them Regularly

Eyelashes are part of makeup – and you have to clean your makeup for better skin and hygiene purposes. Therefore, while you clean your make up brushes, make sure you leave time to clean your falsies. The best part about them is that they’re not high maintenance. You simply need to brush and wash them with a quality cleanser.

Wearing Mascara on Top of Them

You must have seen makeup tutorials where people keep applying mascara on top of the falsies. We bet 8 out of 10 makeup tutorials follow this ritual. Well, it’s kind of wrong. False eyelashes are supposed to be full and dark enough to cover up the patches so that you don’t have to put on mascara. So, don’t bother.

Using Your Fingers to Adjust Your Lashes

A lot of people, especially the ones with experience, tend to use their fingers to adjust the eyelashes. Although it’s not a big deal, it’s still risky as you can easily pull on the skin or rip off hairs from the lash line. Therefore, when you purchase your next set of lashes, make sure you invest in an eyelash tweezer.

Applying black glue on bare lids

Look – do anything but don’t use black glue on bare lids. In fact, don’t use it even when you’re wearing eyeliner. Don’t try to pull off these stunts because it will end up giving you raccoon eyes.  Either use white or transparent glue as it will enhance the base of your make up.

Not applying falsies close to lash line

It doesn’t matter if you’re rushing or in a hurry – take your time or don’t apply falsies at all. No matter what happens, don’t put them too close to the lash line or prepare to say goodbye to the real lashes.

Applying fake lashes backwards

You know what you do when you apply lashes in a badly lit room – or worse – at the backseat of a fast-driving car. But the good thing is that you can easily remove them using a quality makeup remove without ruining the rest of the look. Just don’t go for oil-based remover!

Throwing away lashes after using them a hundred times

Ideally, it’s good if you throw your fake lashes after the 5th or 6th use. You can protect your lashes and skin and also maintain a sophisticated look. Honestly, this is one of those things that you must follow through to stay at the top of your game.

Did you understand the top eight mistakes we informed you about? Hope this lesson worked for you, ladies and gentlemen because eyelashes are important AF.

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Updated February 4, 2021
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