Top 10 Valentine’s Day Pranks and Failures

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  • POSTED ON: February 5, 2021

Truth be told: It’s pretty exhausting while trying to be romantic all day – even if it’s just for one day a year. Yes, most of the love birds celebrate this day by dining out at a fancy restaurant or exchanging expensive gifts and Valentine’s Day cards. But isn’t it too mainstream?

If things are still platonic between you and your partner, then Netflix and Chill is out of the option here.

Sure, you want to spend the day with your loved one talking about your future wedding (only if you decide to propose her on this day) and maybe your future babies. But Let us tell you, there are plenty of ways to spend the day instead of just being romantic!

Take pranks, for instance. A hilarious prank can make your day from nayyy to yayyy in no time. A good prank can even save you from post-rejection embarrassment (you can save your ass by saying that it was just a prank).

Look, we know Valentine’s Day may be all about chocolates, cards, and bouquets of expensive flowers, and pranks are for April fool’s day, but who follows these rules, anyway?

While Valentine’s Day might be a special day to shower your partner with love and flowers (whatever floats your boat), the other half of the population who’re still single wants to celebrate the day a bit more differently – including those who consider this day as an excuse to gobble chocolates all day.

Whether you’ll be spending the night of 14th February in the arms of your loved one or just sitting in a lounge alone with your ONE TRUE LOVE (read: pizza) this year, there’s no harm in celebrating the day with some laughter… which is where this hilarious list of pranks comes into action.

Whether you’re single, married, or about to get hitched, these Valentine’s Day pranks will have you laughing throughout the holiday:

Give your bae a stinky Flower

The odor of love…. as they say!

To pull this prank on your lover, all you need is a bunch of flowers and a smelly spray like “Fart Spray.”

Make sure to spray each flower individually to have a more prominent smell. Once sprayed, tie them up into a bouquet and make them look presentable before giving them. What a smelly surprise!

A kiss they won’t expect


When you’re on a date with your cutie and things start getting a bit steamy, get in mood for a big romantic kiss. Just when your partner closes their eyes, lick their face up and down like a puppy instead of giving them what they’re expecting. Tasty, isn’t it?

A nasty surprise on the laptop

If your lover has a habit of leaving their laptop everywhere, it’s time for some romantic hacking!

Set a steamy gif as the wallpaper on your partner’s laptop or something obnoxious – a light porn image as a screensaver could also do a trick. This is surely going to be the best prank with her.

A “special” breakfast

Get creative to make a “special” breakfast for your baby. Prepare a bowl of cereal with a milk and a spoon, and place the bowl in freezer all night before serving it in the morning.

You can even make some waffles out of mashed potato and serve it to her in bed. They might never ever trust you in the kitchen again though!

 Surprise your partner with a not-so-sexy striptease

This Valentine’s Day, make your partner’s mood with a hilarious and seductive striptease. Show up in the bedroom with TONS of clothes on… with tons of clothes, we mean layers and lots of layers of clothing. Good luck with undressing them all!

Check out these hilarious Valentine’s Day pranks:

Valentine’s Day Kissing Prank:

Can you get a stranger to kiss you in the mall? How about dressing up like a cupid and roaming around spreading some love….

Don’t forget to take their consent first!

Hot Sauce Prank

How about gifting your loved one a box of chocolates filled with HOT sauce? If you want to spice things up between you and your partner, this prank is for you! Make sure to have a backup candy box too, in case your partner goes all weepy and tearful!

Now, that’s what we call a spicy and sweet Valentine’s Day!

A Nasty Teddy Bear Prank

Okay, if you want to make things a bit spooky this Valentine’s Day, here’s a prank for you! Empty a big teddy bear and fill it up with chunky, slimy and gross material. Their terrified face will be no less than a treat for you!

Air Horn Booby Trap in a Stuffed Bunny

How about surprising your baby with a super loud noise? This stuffed bunny may look like an innocent little toy, but once your partner gives it a gentle pat on its head, they will hear something that they didn’t expect!

Sweet Little Heart-Shaped Candies Prank

Make those heart-shaped candies bleed with ketchup, and call it a romantic day with a good laugh! Don’t forget to record their priceless reactions.

So, how are you going to prank your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? If you plan to record their reactions, feel free to share with us on our Facebook page and win exciting prizes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Updated February 5, 2021
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