Time To Bid Farewell To Coca-Cola Products!

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  • POSTED ON: July 23, 2020

Just like people on twitter are wondering, are you too thinking why you can’t find your dearest Coca-Cola beverage in stores? We’ve got your answers!

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Coca-Cola has decided to cease the production of a few of its ‘zombie’ products to pay more attention to larger brands.

In fact, the company has decided to discontinue smaller brands in the coming days, stated CEO James Quincey on Tuesday.

These ‘zombie’ products only contribute to 2% of Coca-Cola’s profits, according to Quincey. The company continues to experience a 25% reduction in its operating income amidst the pandemic and is willing to take measures to become more profitable.

From now onwards, Coca-Cola has decided to exhaust all its available resources in its biggest brands and cut off its less productive and smaller brands. About 50% of brands of the company make up to 98% of its total profit.

We think that the most promising way forward for our company is to target more scalable and bigger brands, full-on – says Quincey

The phase-out will be concluded by the end of the month, and it also accounts for 300 job cuts. 

Don’t worry not all small brands are going to be phased out!

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People went crazy over the last Coca-Cola’s announcement of discontinuing its smoothie Odwalla and juice brand.  For now, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding which brands it’s going to discontinue yet, there are chances that other zombie favourites may also be on the phase-out lists.

The list may include Pibb X-tra, Cherry Coke, Fresca, caffeine-free Coke and Vanilla Coke, among others.

The unavailability of your favourite coke drink doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is terminating it.

CoCa-Cola has been experiencing shipment delays because of the ongoing pandemic. So, don’t worry, you just have to wait a bit until the supply chain settles and your favourite coke beverages will be back on the shelves.

Till then, enjoy magical musical moments by streaming your favourite songs on a Vintage style CoCa-Cola radio.

Updated July 23, 2020
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