This Malfunctioning Squirrel Eating Nuts Is A Big 2020 Mood

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 21, 2020

Don’t you just freeze
sometimes when you’re struck with an epiphany? Well, it seems like this
squirrel is!

Just look at it! It’s
minding its own business, happily eating the handful of nuts someone kneels
down to offer. Naturally, the squirrel hops forward to gather and munch on
these tasty nuts. And then something happens… Fear? Extreme cold weather?
Injury? Or perhaps an epiphany? Who knows? But the squirrel just froze. And
honestly, it’s such a mood.

You can say that this squirrel
summarizes our 2020 mood – weren’t we all simply working towards our dreams,
planning, executing, ideating… and then the pandemic happened and we were put
on hold. Everything paused.

We totally feel you,
you adorable little rodent from Russia

Check out the ultimate squirrel malfunctions video!

Updated September 21, 2020
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