This Is Why Joe Biden Chose Kamala Harris

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  • POSTED ON: August 13, 2020

After months of speculations, Joe Biden has announced his choice for the Vice President – and it is none other than Kamala Harris!

There’s been an endless list of candidates that had made rounds earlier, but Kamala Harris had always been the favourite for all of us, and for all the good reasons! The US senate from California tick marks all the requirements that one would expect from the Vice President of the United States.

For starters, if you want Joe Biden to beat Donald Trump with a clear margin, you must use all the cards right. Harris comes across as the only viable option that can stand tall with Biden and help him cross the finish line. Most of the other candidates that we’ve discussed in the past had major baggage and we don’t need any trouble at this moment.

Some would argue that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was a respectable choice for the Vice President but you can’t deny that Trump and his allies love to use her as a punching bag. In addition, Susan Rice, who was the security adviser of Former President Barack Obama had her fair share of issues with the far-right and the far-left as her record for foreign policy has been questionable. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t really hold the national name, recognition, or credibility as such, and honestly, she doesn’t exactly fill the criteria for racial diversity – a major tool that will help Biden win the ticket!

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Harris, herself ran for president like Warren and she managed to survive the primary unscratched. She has the potential to emerge as a top reason why Biden wins this election! Back in June, when a panel of Democratic primary votes was run, Harris turned out to be the preferred choice for a female running mate for Biden.

Not to say she’s completely likeable because she has problems with her criminal justice record and there are some big holes to fill – but for now, she held the best credibility as far as electability is concerned.

Harris is driven and has high aims to become the president of the United States one day. Now, Biden is going to turn 78 in November and there’s a high chance that he may be succeeded by his vice president at some point. Hence, we need someone who has the ability and potential to match toe to toe with Biden. Harris is not going to be treated as a plus one when she becomes the vice president, she’ll emerge as the next in line – sorted and ready to take on any responsibility there forth.

Authenticity is a major winning item this election. By selecting Harris, Biden has really put his money where his mouth is. He’s not only mouthing words and giving the impression that he aims to end racism, but he’s also making conscious decisions. By choosing Harris, he has put a woman on the cards – and we know that she will do anything in her power to set the tone of the administration right and add her bit in making the United States more inclusive and equitable.

Her voice will reassure many people of color and give them hope for a new era because an old white man can’t win the hearts of angry Americans – even if he’s standing against Donald Trump and the choice look seemingly obvious.

And finally, there’s no denying that Harris was the only candidate who had earned a crossover appeal. She has the ability to win moderates, independents, and even some of the center-rights. She made her fair share of mistakes in the beginning and stumbled while forming the right answer but she managed to get her plans in order.

She plays is pretty smartly: on one hand, she says that she aims to reorder the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and on the other hand, she didn’t support complete abolishment – a matter of concern for the moderates.

She chooses her words carefully because she never suggested that she supports defunding of the police, she always said that we should reimagine the way we allocate the funding to various communities.

She also said that she wants to ban the imports of assault weapons, but again, she didn’t say that we should ban the existing ones.

Furthermore, she made a forceful argument against Trump’s trade war with China and she criticized the policies that a wide array of voters disapprove of, including independents.

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So, basically, Kamala Harris was the best choice, indeed, in the given circumstances. She may have her history in the police, but in reality, she’s a true politician – someone who aced the role of a democrat.

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Updated August 13, 2020
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