The Truths Behind Donald Trump’s Marriage

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  • POSTED ON: September 8, 2020

Presidents usually have this “tradition” sorta duty for putting on a show of healthy and happy marriages! Even the Clintons, regardless of having few marital conflicts, seemed to have genuine moments of affection, understanding and bonding (at least in front of the public). But something has been seriously off with the Trumps since the first day they moved into the White house.

Remember when Donald and Melania arrived at the White House, where Barack Obama, along with wife, Michelle Obama, were waiting to greet them? Donald rushed from the car and went straight to the stairs to meet them without accompanying his wife, leaving her behind awkwardly…

At first, we thought that this man lacked some basic gentleman ethics. Still, it was just the start of several awkward President First lady’s odd-romantic-moments, hinting that something is seriously wrong with their marriage…

Without rushing to make any conclusions, let’s first consider event-by-events what’s going on with their marriage…

1. Melania refused to hold his hand

In May 2017, President Trump went on his first foreign visit since taking office, and the trip sparked various viral moments, meme-moments to be specific. But the most memed-moment that caught our attention was “the swat ” seen.

On his arrival to Israel from Saudi Arabia, President Trump tried to hold the first lady’s hand while they were walking down the airplane, and Melania Trump clearly swatted away Trump’s palm, in front of a million cameras recording their every move. Woahh…

2. Melania’s expression during Donald Trump’s inauguration says it all…

During Donald Trump’s inauguration, Melania’s expressions towards Donald Trump spilt the beans about their marriage. Yes, I am talking about that particular GIF that went viral on the day of the inauguration ceremony, all over the internet.

She smiles at Trump when he turns around to look at her, only to promptly change the expressions to ‘not-so-happy face’ when he turns back around. Well, this was only the teaser from that night, the awkward dance ball with the husband raised many alarms. One body language interpreter even thinks that the first lady was signaling that she doesn’t wanna merge with Trump as the partner.

3. Grab them by what?

Poor Melania had to justify her husband’s awful remarks during multiple interviews, which a sane woman wouldn’t accept in any circumstance if she wasn’t the first lady!

image credit: nickiswift

According to Cosmopolitan, Donald told Howan stern during a live interview that a pregnant woman “just blew up… like a blimp in the right places.” he continued, “I mean she really has become a monster — in all the right places. I mean monster in the most positive way. She has gotten very, very large — in all the right places.”

And Melania defended saying that it wasn’t her husband’s fault…

4. Melania Trump is Called ‘ Jackie O on Steroids’ by Trump

image credit:  nickiswift

Melania Trump made history as she is the only first lady in the history of the presidency who delayed moving into the White House. The trumps justified the delay by saying that they want their son to concentrate on his studies without interruption. But the question stands how powerful Melania would be in the East wing?

During Trump’s other official foreign trip, Melania accompanied him and saved the diplomatic relations that could have been a diplomatic disaster without her. She stole the entire foreign trip, pleasing Pope with small talk and making headlines with her fashion choices. During the same trip, Donald Trump was overheard describing Melania as she’s “Jackie O on Steroids.”

5. Their marriage does not include sharing a bed

image credit: nickiswift

Okay, it may sound to you as any other rumor. Still, considering all other awkward and bizarreness in the Trump’s marriage, we’re all in to consider the relatively innocent claim that they don’t usually have sex, which is, obviously, a common practice for any couple. Anyway, according to multiple resources inside the Whitehouse, Melania Trump “refuses to share a bed with Donald even on the rare occasions when they sleep in the same city.”

Even one source described sex as being “very royal of them,” which is obviously an attempt to wrap up the otherwise harsh reality sweetly.

Well, we will still consider it as a hit-or-miss for accuracy because who knows? Maybe Melania doesn’t like Trump’s snores, or it’s his hair tickles which make her up all night… No judgment!

Updated September 8, 2020
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