The Room Where It Happened is Now the Most Downloaded Book

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 23, 2020

The new scandal revolving around Trump comes from an ex-national security adviser John Bolton who wants to publish his book The Room Where It Happened and reveal some secrets. The book has sparked a lot of interest because the Trump administration is trying to block its publishing. And naturally, everyone is curious.


However, they could not ban the book but even if they were successful in doing so it would not have mattered because the book is already available online on pirate sites, increasing its ratings every day.

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On The Pirate Bay, it has quickly reached the spot of one of the most downloaded books and the number keeps increasing. On Twitter, a group called Distributed Denial of Secrets shared the book but took it down after the owners sent them a legal notice.


A federal judge Royce Lamberth, who denied the motion to stop the book from publishing, argues that “a single dedicated individual with a book in hand could publish its contents far and wide from his local coffee shop. With hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe—many in newsrooms—the damage is done.”


The book is all set to release on Tuesday and describes Donald Trump as “stunningly uninformed” and criticizes most of his foreign policies.

So, be ready for a good read this week!


Updated June 23, 2020
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