The Investigators Looking Into Sexual Harassment Claims against Gov. Cuomo Are Getting Paid As Much As $750 per Hour

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  • POSTED ON: April 13, 2021

The investigators who’re
appointed to review the sexual harassment allegation charged against New York
Gov. Cuomo are apparently getting paid $750 per hour!

Attorney General Letitia James
was responsible for hiring these investigators; it happened right after several
women made the allegation. According to The Daily News, these investigators
have all the power to conduct the investigation— they’re leading the probing as
they deem fit.

They’ve also acquired internal
documents through FOIA requests, which has made the investigations wide open
for them and they can use as much power as they want and retrieve whatever
information they need.

A couple of months ago, several
women came forward and accused the governor of inappropriate and sexually
harassing remarks, claiming that he has made serious advances towards them.

Who are these investigators?
Well, it’s the former Acting US Attorney for New York’s Southern District Joon
Kim along with discrimination attorney Anne Clark. They’re the ones leading the
investigation and questioning the people related to the case.

The Daily News has acquired a
document that reveals the job description of these investigators and the powers
they possess. According to that document, their offices have all the authority
to use any of its resources as they deem appropriate to carry out.

Both offices will be retained
for at least six months, but it’s possible for James to extend his contract –
at least, that’s what the report claims!

Naturally, they’re charging a
hefty amount and are top-level partners on the investigation. They are getting
paid $750 per hour. But do you know that even the mid and lower-level partners
in the investigation are charging a large sum of money. For instance, the
mid-level partners are getting paid $575 per hour whereas the junior-level
partners are getting $500. Senior Associates, on the other hand, are receiving
$450 and junior associated are getting $325!

The investigators are supposed
to prepare and deliver weekly reports and keep the First Deputy Attorney
General Jennifer Levy in the loop. By the end of this investigation, they’re
mandated to come up with a written report that contains all of the finding and

Since December, Cuomo has
experienced many accusations of the same nature, and so it’s essential that
they’re taken seriously. The first accusation was from his former aide, who
claimed that he harassed her for years. 

Her name is Lindsey Boylan, and
she said that she worked with him from 2015 till 2018 and in this time she was
sexually harassed. She, of course, didn’t get into the sad details. By
February, she broke her silence and revealed that

Cuomo not only touched her
inappropriately but also kissed her without her consent.

After the news broke, Cuomo was
inquired about it repeatedly, and he defended himself and said that these
claims are all false. However, these accusations cannot be taken lightly,
because ten other women have come out ever since and raised similar allegations
against the governor!

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Updated April 13, 2021
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