The Dreadful History and Frightful Future of Donald Trump

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  • POSTED ON: January 23, 2021

The world is going to be a better place now that Donald Trump is thrown out of the White House. It is not President Donald Trump latest news or Trump breaking news now as we all know about Trump polls yet it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that his administration and danger of re-election, Trump vs Biden, posed the greatest threat to democracy since the Second World War.

His ruinous tenure imposed grave injury to the entire world – not just the United States of America.

He broke all records and made history in abusing power. By shattering norms that unionized countries and broadly profited business and political interests, he challenged and destroyed the interest of the general public.

He was unworthy prior to his election and he did nothing to change that firmly held belief.

Source: The New York Times

Trump has passed racist and xenophobic comments countless times during his tenure. From critiquing his deliberate decision to destruct postwar consensus and calling out his system unreliable system of alliances – analysts have made tireless efforts to restore peace. He has constantly attacked common Americans and maliciously tried to create division and distrust unless Joe Biden.

On November 3rd, Americans came out in full force to dismiss this man from the position and hire someone with integrity and honor. The Americans final decision was apparent under the tag of Trump latest, Trump news or Trump latest news. Election 2020 was a turning point for America – a path that its citizens chose. They decided that they have shown enough resilience against Trump’s tactics and that they wish to restore peace back in the country by removing him from the office and electing Joe Biden instead. Putting him back in the office for the next four years was not even an option.  

Donald Trump has assaulted the integrity of democracy, and instead of transferring power peacefully – like his predecessors, he has questioned a legitimate process. He’s ready to contest the obvious judgment of Americans and has decided to drag them in the courts.

Donald Trump is a misfit to lead the nation and his administration is a testament to that. Look at his rampant corruption, negligence to public health, authorization of violence, and the general incompetence – all of these factors aggravate disturbance and mistrust. 

His misdeeds are never met with regret and apology, on the contrary, it is supported with grandiose and repetition. All of the horrible incidents of the last four years have contributed to a ridiculous level of outrage. His stand on immigration, women’s rights, racism, and climate change are dreadful. Furthermore, he is simply salting the field through his unapologetic demeanor and callous attitude. Of course, to mend this terrible reputation and reconstruct everything from scratch will take several years.

Source: CNN 

It’s not like he is the only president in the world who’s spectacularly abdominal. But, he has set new records and has literally no rival to compete with when it comes to determining the worst American president in modern history.

One of his despicable faults is that he’s a racist psychopath, promoting American racism, presiding over an exceptionally diverse country. He believes in creating walls in a world that is rapidly becoming digital and interconnected. He’s a narcissist who brags about accomplishments he never achieved and makes promises that he never intends to fulfill.

He’s so despicable that he bullies a young teenager on social media platforms just because she advocates for climate change. He has always abandoned sensible policies and effort for international cooperation.  His policies regarding immigration are apathetic and cruel.

He is jealous and obsessed with his predecessor Barack Obama who persuades the courts as well as Congress to make healthcare affordable. Trump has reversed all efforts by Obama and made health insurance inaccessible. He claims to have campaigned for the ordinary and working class citizens, but his policies dictate arrangements that stem from wealthy and privileged roots. He has removed regulations and supported corporations by suspending laws that shouldn’t be disrupted so easily.

He promised Americans that the federal minimum wage will increase under his presidency and that he would focus on investing in infrastructure. What did he do? He delivered tax cuts that only benefitted the rich. During his tenure, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ended the basic protection of consumers and the Environmental Protection Agency stopped all their efforts to protect the environment.

When it comes to international dynamics, he stained the otherwise longstanding alliance and joined hands with dictators like Kim Jon-Un and Vladimir Putin. He didn’t associate with the Trans-Pacific Partnership – an association intended to pressurize China to conform to international norms. On the contrary, he promoted and enraged a tit-for-tat trade war with the country and imposed billions of dollars in tariffs.

Source: CNN

His inadequacies as a leader were on complete display during the Coronavirus pandemic. He treated the pandemic with leniency and carelessness. Instead of working on saving lives, he lied and challenged the expertise of experts and researchers. He never followed the SOPs himself let alone forced others to follow through. He downplayed the seriousness of the virus by resisting the implementation of the essential precautions – something he persists even after contracting the virus himself. He tried to resume economic activities without controlling the virus himself.

At the start of the pandemic when people lost their jobs, he did nothing to support the working class and soon the stock market rebounded. Millions of people were out of work and Trump made no effort to turn things around for them – he abandoned them completely.

Up until two months ago, he said that the virus affected no one, the next the death toll set a new record of 200,000. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he increased and benefitted from the worst tendencies of American politics. His leadership has lead to more cruelty, paranoia, and polarization. He has used social media like a mastermind and pitted every American against one another. He has spread lies in every public domain and shown reluctance in condemning violence and discrimination.

In the first presidential campaign, he was asked to condemn white supremacist and he decided to change the conversation instead of doing the right thing. He’s shown no interest in controlling extremism because he realizes that it would backfire.

He’s authoritative in a government that is supposed to be democratic and peaceful. He expects relentless loyalty even when he has no public regard.

When Donald Trump won the elections four years ago, instead of adopting a plan that would disregard conflicts of interest, he took a flip and declined to sell off his stake from the Trump Organization. In addition, his other business ventures failed miserably after he entered the White House. For example, his privately owned family business has a deal opened since he became the president – it’s been at least four years now. His financial statements disclose that his money-generating properties are all losing business. It is actually quite ironic that he didn’t realize the impact of the pandemic because he owns hotels and it is one industry that experienced a major loss.

Source: The New York Times 

He banned business with China and other foreign deals that jolted the finances. Before he stepped in as the president, he was planning to expand his business with China –a Chinese bank account and an inactive office in Shanghai was in works. More ideas included partnerships with Brazil, Turkey, and Columbia.

Now that he is fired from the presidency, Trump can shift his focus back to the family business. He is no longer constrained by law or any other barrier (which by the way he had created himself) and he can look into opportunities abroad. Again, several factors will serve as a hindrance, like the pandemic, the low-riding economy, and criminal investigations.

Now here’s a genuine question, what’s next for Trump? What is he left with? Is it the crumbling business, poor reputation, and a strange marriage? We all know that Trump doesn’t like losing – but he has lost. So what will he do next? We know that he’s planning to seek “justice” from the court, but again, it will be of no use and simply a waste of time and money leading to more national crisis. So, here are a few things that we think can favor him.

Start with a Clean Slate                                                                                                                   

This is obviously going to be challenging because he’s the world’s most hated personality. But things are different in business – he can switch his strategy and start looking for international deals and expand licensing his name to real estate projects.

Back when Donald Trump got elected, he has dozens of branding deals in his kitty (China, Israel, South America, etc), and if he plays smartly, he can still maintain his name and earn decently in some selective countries.

These branding deals are less risky as they don’t necessarily demand investments and make somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million – despite the limitations.

Source: PBS

Trump is, of course, not the red target for Congress. Hence, it won’t be focusing all its energy in looking into his business activities. However, that doesn’t mean that all is forgiven – prosecutors are still investigating his previous cases that are open. Many legal districts are investigating his company for a wide array of financial crimes and are demanding tax returns. There’s another civil inquiry where the company misstates its assets to minimize taxes and attain loans.

So basically, he’s going to have a terrible time for the first few years after his official lay off from presidency. But, if he wishes to continue his family business, he will have to come up with a brand new strategy to wipe off all the dirt from his name and start with a clean slate.

And from the political end,  What’s next for the worst President of the United States of America? Will he be able to start a new life or go back to the one he had before he became the President?

What can you expect from a President who supported the ideology of White supremacists and ordered them to take over the White House as he refused to accept defeat and the verdict of America?

In fact, his last petty decision to not participate in the symbolic tradition “passing-of-the-torch” was the last stand to imply that he was not happy. Even though he left behind a note for Biden, we’re 100% sure that the grapes are still sour.

But nothing else was expected out of a man whose hunger for power is never-ending and who lacks the ability to accept his defeat with grace. We all knew that he’d not leave the White House in peace.

Now the lawmakers in Washington, Austin are wondering how Trump’s political failure would pan out in the coming months. Is the future of the Republic Party in any danger because of Donald Trump? 

Apparently the Republicans are worried about their ties with Trump – especially those Republican House members who have a strong hold in their respective districts and states. The right wing is dealing with the aftermath of Donald Trump as they’re unsure how to mark his legacy.

Mathew Wilson – Professor of Political Science at SMU said:

“Politically, I don’t think Republicans gain much by repudiating Donald Trump, because that alienates his strong base of supporters. On the other hand, to really be competitive in a broader general election, Republicans need to move on from Trump.” 

He added: “I think a conflict we’re likely to see is tension in the Texas Republican Party with those Republicans who want to move on from Donald Trump and those who remain loyal to him and want to retain him as a leader,” said Jones.


On the other side, we have Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, United States Senator Ted Cruz, and Attorney General Ken Paxton. These individuals have not left Trump’s hand and are still in complete favor of him.


Paxton congratulated Biden on his victory but reminded – more like warned– him that he will continue the fight against the illegal and unconstitutional actions that will be taken by the upcoming government.


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For now, the future looks grim for the ex-President of the United States.


Updated January 23, 2021
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