The Actual Footage of ‘Man Crying Over Being Kicked Off Flight’ Reveals More Than Just Arabic

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  • POSTED ON: January 12, 2021

Another man kicked off a flight and was treated like a terrorist.

Another day and another passenger kicked out from the plane… But this time ‘face mask’ isn’t an issue!

A video of a man screaming “they call me a f*cking terrorist” and having a meltdown at the airport after being kicked out of the plane has gone viral on social media.

The video has gained at least 15.3 million views and thousands of people have retweeted the video so far since it was first uploaded on Twitter.

In the video, a man is crying out loud saying, “This is what they do to us, they kicked me off a flight, they call me a f*cking terrorist and they want to rule my life.” There is another man in the video who was trying to console him and can be heard saying, “Sir, please calm down. I was kicked off Delta earlier.”

The video was first appeared on TikTok, posted by a user @heartlessbeech. This video has received around 52,000 likes on Tiktok since it was uploaded.

After a video went viral, people started speculating about what actually happened that the airline decided to kick him out of the flight. Is the man was on some no-travelling list? Is it because of the face mask? Or this action has something to do with race and religion?

Well, here’s what everything we have found about this viral video:

A man travelling from DC discovers that he is on the no-fly list

The video of a man crying over kicked off flight was recorded yesterday when he was at the airport to fly home on Delta, and he just discovered at the gate that he wasn’t allowed to fly at all. Now, people are speculating about what was the reason behind his forceful elimination from the flight. There are many conflicting

theories about this incident, we have rounded up a list of those below:


The man may be involved in the U.S capitol riots on Wednesday, and he was attempting to flee to prevent from being apprehended.


He might have refused to follow recommended COVID-19 precautions during the flight.


The reason why he was kicked off from the flight is that he was speaking Arabic.

Is there a federal no-fly list for the rioters involved in Wednesday’s incident?

Most of the rioters involved in U.S Capitol attack managed to return home safely without any troubles. Police didn’t arrest them immediately, given how unprepared they were for what had happened on Wednesday. 

And all the arrests that have been made after the incident was actually based on the information collected by authorities from images, footages and public information that helped them identifying the people who were involved. So, there is a fair chance that authorities would want all the culprits still in the DC area so that they can make the arrest easily. But is it something to do with this flight incident?

There are no official reports that suggest that people who were involved in the U.S Capitol attack are actually being placed on the federal no-fly list. Though, there’s also a possibility that such a list could exist but hasn’t been announced to the public yet.

All in all, this entire flight incident looks oddly suspicious, considering the fact that the man was able to check-in but wasn’t able to board the plane.

Was the man in the video crying over wearing a mask?

The person who initially posted the video claimed that the mas was actually crying over wearing a mask. However, this claim doesn’t make any sense either! Even if it was, then why would he claim that he has been treated like a “terrorist?” and why would he say “this is what they do to us?” what was the man actually implying?

While wearing a personal protective gear such as face mask in incredibly important during travelling for the safety of passengers, ain’t no one labeled as a “terrorist” for simply refusing to wear one?

According to the viral video, we can see a mask strapped around the man’s chin. So, he wasn’t entirely refusing to wear it.

So, what actually happened?

We have seen hundreds of passengers placed on the no-fly list due to mask compliance since the start of the pandemic. Earlier, it was speculated that the man was involved in Wednesday’s insurrection. But we haven’t heard any details and information regarding this. If it was actually the case, it would have clarified by the airline long before.

The strangest aspect of this entire incident is that that there was another man in the video claiming to be kicked off the flight the same day. What was his story or what was that toddler level meltdown behavior?

What had he done to deserve this treatment? Guess it will remain a mystery until the airline decides to shed some light on this incident than tears at the airport. To know more about this incident, like our Facebook page

Updated January 12, 2021
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