The Actual Footage of Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Video

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Bonnie and Clyde were lovers and the most notorious criminals of all time. They’ve been immortalized in the pop culture, thanks to the many songs written about them. Today, almost every person is aware of the names even if they’re not aware of their wrongdoings and life of crime. Basically, people are aware of their love without actually knowing their history.

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Having spent a few whirlwind years together, Bonnie and Clyde faced their end after being ambushed on the 23d of May 1934. Both were shot and killed on the spot in Louisiana. The couple that broke the law throughout their adolescent life appeared in front of the Texas police officers, to be shot by four to death.

Frank Hamer was one of the police officers who were tracking the couple since the February of 1934. Despite the fact that the couple was popular, this wasn’t a simple task. Hamer – who studied their movements carefully – soon figured that the couple was associated with a crew that lived in the outskirts of roughly five Midwestern states. Due to this reason, they were able to beat the system as they had a state line policy to their advantage.

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Frank Hamer succeeded in his mission, as he was more prepared than the criminal couple. Bonnie and Clyde depended so much on this “state line” policy that their movements became predictable and started working against them. The day they were murdered, they were travelling to Louisiana to visit their family.

The police officers had done their homework and ambushed the rendezvous point at the Louisiana State Highway 154. The police had taken its position and was ready to proceed the minute it was needed. On the 21st of May and at about 9 in the night, the officers were about to call off the stakeout but a stolen vehicle tore right in front of them at the highway.

According to the official report, it seems that the couple had stopped to speak to their family member. The person, however, was stopped there and planted with his truck as mere distraction. Hence, the minute this happened, the police officers pulled the trigger and killed the duo mercilessly.

Do you know that approximately one hundred and thirty rounds of ammo were fired at them? Bonne and Clyde suffered from several fatal wounds, because of which it is challenging to pinpoint which wound eventually killed them. However, according to the police officers present at the scene, Clyde died before Bonnie. She was also heard screaming when she realized that she was fatally wounded.

All police officers that were following the duo carried a shotgun, an automatic rifle, along with pistols. Apparently, the automatic rifles were used first, after which the shotgun was brought to the fight. Once that was done with, the officers shot the car with pistols. The police officers claimed that they didn’t want to take any chances with the notorious couple, so they kept shooting even after the bodies stopped moving.

In the mainstream media, there’s some debate on how the couple was eventually murdered. Some legends claim that the couple was shot somewhere near 25 and 50 times each. When the official coroner’s report came out, it revealed that one of the corpses had seventeen wounds whereas the other had twenty six.

Here’s the real footage of Bonnie and Clyde death scene.

After the shootout, the police officers examined the vehicle Bonnie and Clyde were driving and found a collection of stolen weapons. The police discovered a ton of automatic rifles, semi-automatic shoguns, a couple of handguns, and thousands of pistols In addition, there were around fifteen license plates from various states around USA.

It wasn’t long until word got out and people began to appear on the site. The police was, of course, not expecting the crowd and were ill-equipped to handle them. Soon they started collecting souvenirs from the site – from bloody clothes to pieces of windows.

In a matter of hours, the place where the criminals faced their last breath became some sort of a monument. Sometimes even tens and thousands of people would come to see the place. As soon as the place gained attention, the small town increased its price.

Despite the notorious lives and unfortunate end, their love survived and the legacy carried on.

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Updated December 29, 2020
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