Story: Kellyanne Conway Is Unapologetic About Releasing Daughter’s Nude Photo!

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  • POSTED ON: January 27, 2021

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s former advisor and
political consultant, has been accused of leaking her daughter’s nude photo on
Fleet on Monday.

The topless picture of her teenage daughter, Claudia Conway,
emerged on Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter account, sparking a wave of rage and
anger among people, with many demanding her instant arrest.

The 16-year-old is a popular TikTok user, prominently popular
for her anti-Trump standpoint, has been engaged in a long conflict with her
parents, George and 
Kellyanne Conway. The feud became so intense that she is
now considering to seek legal protection from her parents.

Viral: Fans react to Claudia and Kellyanne nude photo and viral TikTok video!

The nude leak comes days after when Claudia uploaded a range
of TikTok videos, where she called cops on her parents for child abuse
allegations. In the videos, she claimed that her mother was mentally,
physically and emotionally torturing her. Do you think it is equivalent to child pornography?

The controversy involving the child abuse allegations
against former Trump advisor barely settled when another distressful incident started
making rounds of the internet; this time it involves a naked picture of a
16-year-old Claudia leaked by her very own mother.

After the leak, the 16-year-old instantly took to TikTok to
confirm her identity in the picture, saying that she is at a loss of words.

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At first, Claudia believed that it must have been a mistake
or an accident, or maybe her mother’s account had been hacked. But it turned
out that the mother was trying to pull a revenge stunt on her own flesh and

“The pictures were months ago and I’m assuming that
when my mom took my phone, she took a picture of that. So that was on her phone
and either she accidentally posted it or somebody hacked her, but nobody would
have any photo like that. My mom deserves to go to jail; she’s the only person
who has it,” she said in a TikTok video after the incident.

In the wake of this appalling incident, Twitter remained
abuzz with thousands of reactions. Enraged fans started voicing their opinions
by using a hashtag “#JusticeForClaudia in condemnation of Kellyanne
revenge act.

This Conway-family feud and drama have been gaining a lot of
traction lately. Maybe it’s because of Kellyanne’s close alliance with former President
Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Claudia Conway has her own dedicated fan base on
TikTok; she became famous for her extremely critical videos about her parent’s
relationship with

Donald Trump. Her fans have now flocked to Twitter to voice against
her abusive mother and extend their support to the 16-year-old.

Here is the roundup of a few tweets about the bizarre
incident involving nude photo of teen:

Kellyanne has not made any statements about her daughter’s
leaked explicit image, nor did she deny her involvement in the incident.

Kellyanne’s silence suggests that she is unapologetic about leaking her child’s pornographic-image. And it seems
like she did that on purpose, as an act of revenge against Claudia for the past

Slut-shaming and ridiculing a minor girl in public is
considered highly inappropriate, let alone if it came from her MOTHER! If the
allegations made against

Kellyanne are true, she should be held accountable for
her actions and sent behind bars for good! 

On Tuesday morning, Claudia uploaded another TikTok video
asking fans to stop “calling authorities” and said that she would
handle this matter privately. “We are going to handle this privately, and
I will never ever be speaking about this publicly,” she said in the video.

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Updated January 27, 2021
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