Stop Romanticizing Beirut’s Sufferance

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 31, 2020

Every time we find a country suffering due to the corrupt actions of a negligent and immoral government, we start identifying their citizens as resilient. We claim that it’s their hard work and promising attitude that will take them out of their misery. After every tragedy, we applaud them for simply surviving.

But how much should one bear in order to be able to get up and say enough is enough? Is it even fair to use the word resilient to describe a nation that is deteriorating and dying right in front of us?

Imagine being hit by a global pandemic, mass currency inflation, political deceit, and the massive explosion that wounds over thousands of people and kills around 200? This is when resilience turns into rage, and when actions are backed by fury, revolution takes place.

There are a couple of political leaders who’re to be blamed for Lebanon’s systematic, rapid, and heartbreaking decline. These people came into power after the end of Civil War in 1990. The post-war atmosphere led them all to a mutual agreement where they wiped off the blood from each other’s hands. This promise to not prosecute one another led to one political debacle after another. From religious crusades to racial facades, each one of these warlords has gotten down the dirty road and contributed in fueling more and more friction and vicious antagonism.  

From the Former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri to the current Lebanese President Michel Aoun – everyone has deprived the Beirutis of basic humanity. It really doesn’t matter which party rules because behind the scenes the same set of people pull the strings and fill their banks. As a result, the middle-class Lebanese experience power cuts and water shortage and the poor have gone back to the Stone Age.

Source: The National 

Fear is their most crucial tool – the political class uses fear to demolish any signs of combat or opposition. Memories of the Civil War still haunt the citizens and it seems as if fear is the one common trait that is passed down through generations. Their melancholic state is caused by decades of anguish and sorrow. They place votes thinking that the candidate is not as corrupt as the opponent standing next to him.

At the end of last year, Lebanon experienced a hint of light and motivation when Al-Hariri resigned. This hope was short-lived and dismantled by the countless tragedies that hit Lebanon one by one. Hope quickly went back into the shadows and all intimations of revolution faltered at the first sign of the pandemic which was followed by the 80% devaluation of the local currency – and this landed half of the country below the poverty line.

The newly formed government was barely managing to deal with the daily shortcomings when the massive Beirut explosion took place leading to complete despair. This explosion was so massive that even Cyprus which is 145 miles away from it felt the shakes. It took 3 tons of ammonium nitrate to explode for the world and social media to take notice.

Source: Nature 

The loss took more than the basic rights from the Beirutis. It infuriated a deep sense of anger and vengeance in them. Right now more than 300,000 Lebanese are without proper shelter, businesses have crashed, the economy has entirely collapsed, bars and restaurants are destroyed, and hospitals are inoperable.

Despite the fact that donations have flooded in from across the globe, the people are still in dire need of help. The money is not going in the responsible hands. And now – after the country has degenerated, the United Nations is suddenly taking notice. United States, France, and Saudi Arabia who previously supported Saad Al-Hariri are demanding an intervention. Really, who could be behind all of this, they cry out loud?

The world is mourning but Lebanese have crossed that stage of grief. At this moment, they’re angry as they have nothing left to lose. They are chanting “Bring out the nooses” wildly, publicly disrespecting President Aoun by stepping on his photos, setting political structures on fire, and digging out governmental files that prove their corruption.

Source: Post of Asia 

Military has tried to invade but it seems that the people have surpassed the stage where they could be terrorized. Fear is no longer remaining but what else could they have done? Was there any other choice? Does anyone voluntarily seek trauma? Is uncertainty ever cherished and celebrated? No! Nobody wanted to be crushed! Nobody wanted to be broken beyond repair! Nobody desired psychological abuse! So burst the bubble and acknowledge that resilience is a burden, not an accomplishment.   

Updated August 31, 2020
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