Special Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around the Country 2021

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  • POSTED ON: January 29, 2021

The day to celebrate love and affection is just around the corner. People express their feelings and emotions to their loved ones in many different ways on Valentine’s Day. What’s unique about 14th February in the United States is that it’s not just designated for couples or romantic love. People celebrate all kinds of relationships on Valentine’s Day around the country.

Here are some special Valentine’s Day celebrations and traditions.

Valentine’s Day at Schools

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in the United States since the 19th century, the holiday became very popular in the 20th century, especially in schools. Students celebrate it with great spirit. They give each other flowers and chocolates. Some schools have the tradition that every student in class puts a small gift for every other kid on their desks.

It could be something as simple as a card with a sweet message on it. If you have a child in elementary school, then make sure you invest in a class set of Valentine’s Day cards, or you could take up the project with your child and have a great time making card with them.

Moreover, students also offer their teacher Valentine’s presents, they go with chocolates or flowers, or red velvet cupcakes. Students take the opportunity to show their teachers that their love and effort is appreciated.

There are a number of staple Valentine’s Day candy in the United States. These have cute messages like ‘Be kind,’ ‘Kiss Me,’ ‘Girl Power, and more.

Valentine’s Day with Family

Family love is also celebrated on Valentine’s Day in the United States. There are many things you can do with your parents and siblings like take an arts and crafts class and unleash your creative side. If you’re celebrating it with just your parents, then you can give them a Valentine’s Day card letting them know what they mean to you. If you live far from your mom and dad, then consider sending an e-card. You can pair the card with a customized present, like a perfume or a watch. You might also consider getting your parents coupons for a day at the spa.

Valentine’s Day with Friends

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends with a small, and cozy brunch. You can play games, drink wine, have cake and just have a good time. If you’re hosting the party, you can pick small presents for each person you invite. Your friends have been there for you through thick and thin; now you have the opportunity to let them know that you’ll also be there for them whenever they need you. You can consider throwing a movie night with your friends. You can choose from the best Valentine’s Day movies, don’t forget to stock up supplies such as popcorn, candy, and soda.

Valentine’s Day with Your Love

Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with celebrating romantic love. There are many ways you can make the event special for your loved one. Start by having breakfast in bed with the special person in your life. Another cute activity to do is to exchange love letters with each other. Chances are you have never done that before, so this is your chance to try something new.

Divide your day in a way that you have a nice lunch and dinner, and between that have played some games, take some time to do arts and crafts such as DIY cards. We know it’s just one day and there are so many things you can do, so how about you celebrate Valentine’s Weekend instead of Day? This way you’ll have a chance to plan a movie marathon, cook together, bake some Valentine’s cookies, have an indoor picnic, and paint together.

Since you’ve decided to celebrate a Valentine’s week, how about you rent a cabin in the woods and have a getaway. Moreover, a night at a hotel with some champagne and room service sounds like a good idea. If all of that sounds cliché, you should consider planning a romantic under the stars. Going camping with the special person in your life on Valentine’s Day seems like a very romantic idea.

You guys can build a fire, share your favorite memories with each other and just gaze up at the night sky.These were some ways Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the United States. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, all that matters is that you show your loved ones that you care about them. If you’ve been wanting to confess your love to someone special, this is your chance to do so.

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Updated January 29, 2021
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