Sibling’s Day 2021| How People Are Celebrating around the World

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It’s here! The day to celebrate our inherent frenemies whom we can’t imagine living without! Honestly, if we got a nickel every time our siblings tried to rage a war against us, we would’ve been a billionaire by now. But regardless of our differences, we still love them unconditionally.

Agree or not, the sibling bond is one of the most important ones in our lives. There is no other peer relationship that includes shared genes, shared upbringing, shared secrets and so many shared memories.  Many studies show how important is to have siblings for reminiscing (stories of holidays would be so boring without them), companionship, and moral support. Yet there are times when we wish that our brothers and sisters just vanished into thin air, forever! Well, that is just a temporary feeling. Deep down in our hearts, we truly love them and would kill for them.

Whether your relationship with your sibling is like the one of TVD’s Salvatore brothers...

…or Friends’ Ross and Monica Gellar,

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you sure want to celebrate a day together with them, and there’s no better time to do this than on National Siblings Day 2021!

Today is all about reflecting on the unconditional love you have for the person (or people) with whom you share a parent (or two). Here’s how people are celebrating the National Siblings’ Day 2021 around the world:

But before moving on, let’s discuss some interesting facts about the person who introduced this day in the first place.

BTW, when is National Siblings’ Day 2021?

The Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10th every year. And as the name suggests, the day is meant to honor and celebrate the bond between siblings. This day was introduced by a woman named Claudia Evart after she lost her siblings (a brother and a sister), at young ages. The first ever Siblings Day was celebrated in 1995.

The date of April 10th was selected because it is the birthday of Claudia’s sister, Lisette. According to sibling survey, almost 89% of US citizens have brothers and sisters. And the same survey suggests that about 16% of those people described their relationship with siblings as love, support and fun. Whether you like them or not, they are the part of your life and you have to be with them.

Here’s how you can celebrate Siblings’ day with your better or worst halves:

Post a childhood picture on social media

193 Siblings Who Hilariously Recreated Their Childhood Photos | Bored Panda

Remember the time when you cut your brother’s hair when he was asleep, and he had to go bald because of you? Share that memory with all of your peers and have a good laugh all over again. 

Make a TikTok video together

How to Use TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mobile phones always come in the way of spending quality time with family, but why not use the same technology as a means to enjoy with them? This Siblings’ Day, make a funny TikTok video with your siblings and share it on social media.

Order Food

Relive those golden times when you and your siblings used to pitch in for ordering a pizza at midnight. Food has always been an ultimate source of bringing people together and also pushing them apart. That said, this time, keep your close eye on the last pizza slice!

Sending your sibling hand-written notes or cards

Brother Birthday card Brother card card for Brother | Etsy

Anything made with love make for a precious gift! Send your dear brothers and sisters a hand-written card to show them your love. No matter how bad your hand-writing is, just give it a shot. They might like it, who knows?

Honestly, hand-written cards are a means of collecting more memories. Let your creative juices flow, think of something that will make this card a memorable one for your sibling: paste a picture, write a funny joke or even a meme; anything that’ll put a smile on your siblings’ face.

Have a movie night with them

7 Tips for the Perfect Movie Night with Friends | MarkMeets |  Entertainment, Music, Movie and TV News

Watching movies together has always been a tradition among siblings. Of course, nobody wants to spoil it for others, so the safe approach is to watch it together or not watch it at all. Anyways, on this sibling’s day, grab some popcorn and have a movie night with siblings. To avoid potential fights, let your parents decide a movie instead. Or if choosing a movie is hard, you can even watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Five surprising facts about siblings

Older the wiser

Okay, when people say the ‘older is wiser’ they say it right! According to several studies, the firstborns tend to have an academic advantage over the rest of the siblings. Well, we know that’s unfair but….

The younger one is naughtier and funnier

As per a recent survey conducted by Harvard University, the younger ones tend to have a better sense of humor than the older siblings. Sorry, lads, you can beat your little brother up but you can’t beat him in humor!

Sibling makes dating easier

According to a research, having a sibling of the opposite sex makes you more attractive to your partner when dating. Guess your little sister can finally turn out to be useful for you!

The younger sibling is shorter, literally!

A research involving British families found that in a family having multiple siblings, the younger ones tend to be an inch shorter in height than the rest.

Birth orders matter!

How Birth Order Impacts Your Personality | JWU

This is not a coincidence but a recent survey found that if you’re older, you’re most likely to marry an older child, and if you’re a middle-child, the chances are you will likely to marry a middle-child as well! Well, birth orders matter, told ya!

So, what are your plans to celebrate National siblings Day 2021? Share them with us in the comment section below. Also, like our Facebookpage to read more content about Siblings Day 2021, funny sibling tattoos, and some interesting facts about National Sibling Day. And for the record, you can’t really make an excuse by saying ‘when is Siblings day?’ when we have already told you in this article.

Happy Siblings Day 2021!

Updated April 10, 2021
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