Ryan Reynolds Will Give $5,000 To The Person Who Helps Find A Lost Teddy Bear

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 27, 2020

We know him as the jerky douche bag anti-villain Deadpool, but Ryan Reynolds is actually quite lovable. It’s nice to see a heart beneath the sass.

On Saturday, Reynolds shared a tweet from Deborah Goble – a Broadcasting Company reporter based in Vancouver. In the tweet, Goble had asked for help from her followers in tracking down a stolen teddy bear that holds emotional value to the original owner. The offered $5K reward as well.

The tweet was sentimental and definitely connected with Reynolds because he did something that truly won our hearts. He shared the tweet and offered $5,000 to anyone who returns the bear to Vancouver woman Mara, and yes, there’s a “no questions asked” policy applied.

Zach Braff and Dan Levy followed suit and used their platform to spread the word.

Unfortunately, nobody has found the bear yet but honestly, it has sparked tears of joy amongst the Twitter users. Hashtags like #findmarasbear have been trending and lovely messages are being shared.

We wish Mara all the luck in the world!

Updated July 27, 2020
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