Russia Registers An Unproven Coronavirus Vaccine

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  • POSTED ON: August 12, 2020

Vladimir Putin has decided to take a leap of faith and register a Coronavirus vaccine. This is a vaccine that has widely received a negative response as it didn’t complete the clinical trials required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone ahead and revealed that his own daughter has received the vaccine and so far not complained. The vaccine is made by the Gameleya Institute of clinical trials – an institute designed to ensure that vaccines registered are safe and promising.

Putin has revealed himself that the vaccine hasn’t finished the third phase of the clinical trial. However, Russia has announced to vaccinate volunteers including medical workers, teachers along with those involved with the third phase of the trail that’s still underway.

Svetlana Zavidova, who is the executive director of the Russian nonprofit Association of Clinical Trials Organizations, has openly criticized the use of this vaccine while speaking to Bloomberg News.

Svetlana says that why only Russia is not following the rules when other countries are? The critical clinical trial rules are quite explicit and no one can violate them. Russia has opened up a pandora box and let's how the people who get this vaccine suffer!

This vaccine currently uses a live but weak virus and injects into the genetic material from the Coronavirus into human cells. After this step, the immune system is expected to revolt and protect the human cells against this dangerous infection. The same methodology is being used by the prestigious Oxford University as well as China’s CanSino vaccine.

No one can deny that literally all countries are in a rat race to bring out the first-ever Coronavirus vaccine to the world. Approximately 20 million people have been infected by this virus and 730,000 dead. However, we worry that this rushing could lead to a bigger problem.

Last month in one of the congressional hearings, Anthony Fauci said that he hopes that Russians and Chinese at least test the vaccine before administering it on people

As of now there are three major concerns regarding the vaccine. First, if the vaccine is unsafe, it could cause damage bigger than the virus and could cause severe side-effects. Second, if the vaccine doesn’t work then how would we survive and deal with the uncontrollable spreading of the virus And what if people begin to lose their trust for vaccines all over again? That can aggravate the problem and skyrocket public health-related concerns.

“Trust in the process of developing new drugs and new medicines is fragile. We can’t put it in jeopardy.” – said Alex John London, the director of the Center for Ethics and Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.

It seems as Russia is solely focusing on becoming the first country to produce the vaccine and not giving much thought to the psyche of the human mind. They’re calling the vaccine “Sputnik V” and giving us flashbacks of the Cold War.

Interestingly, this announcement has come right after Russian dismissal of the accusations that it is trying to hack and stop the development of a vaccine in the UK, US, and Canada.

We agree that science takes time but putting your own daughter at the risk is a really bold move by Putin.

Until then, US citizens can continue the usage of the Single-Use Disposable Face Mask or this really cool Headband that comes in 12 colors as a protective measure.


Updated August 12, 2020
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