Protestors Demand Justice for George Floyd’s Murder

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  • POSTED ON: May 30, 2020

Racism is not new in the United States but like Will Smith pointed out that it is now being filmed and this is why the social media uproar is greater than it used to be earlier in the century.

After George Floyd’s brutal death at the hands of Minnesota police, a large crowd has gathered in the state to demand justice for him. It does not come as a surprise to us that Minnesota’s governor is more concerned about the reaction of the protestors than the violence inflicted on Floyd by the US police officer. He said that this incident has turned into “something much different-wanton destruction”.

Source: BBC

Imagine suffering at the hands of white supremacists who also regulate all the justice authorities for centuries and not getting an ounce of sympathy in return. So yes, while we might not condone the behavior of the protesters but no one can call it unjustified.
Along with Minnesota, New York and Atlanta are also witnessing violent protests and instead of taking any action, the White House has closed down and President Trump is issuing threats to the protestors from the comfort of his house.

The policeman who was involved in the hate crime was charged with third-degree murder on Friday. He has been identified as Derek Chauvin and his arrest warrants have been issued along with three other officers.

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Like we said, President Trump decided to jump on the bandwagon of shallow Twitter sympathies as he said that Floyd’s murder is “a terrible, terrible thing”. He spoke to the victim’s family and described them as “terrific people”.

We are still trying to understand how that fits into the context. Some people have said that this promotes the narrative that you need to be a good black person in order to get any sort of justice in the country because the color of your skin automatically makes you a criminal in front of the US law system.

Updated May 30, 2020
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