Patriot Act Cancelled: They Want to Curb Our Voices

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 22, 2020

When was the last time when you saw a true representation of the South Asian culture in mainstream media? Patriot Act, a political satire, was helmed by a ridiculously witty and self-aware man who had a voice that echoed with not only the South Asian community but also the rest of the marginalized communities of The United States.

He’s a sharp man who knows how to deliver an important piece of information. His show is full of wits but the true gold mines are the messages that he cleverly sandwiches in the humor. He has a genuine likeability that attracts viewers globally. He’s Time’s most influential person of 2019 – he is Hasan Minhaj.  

Hasan Minhaj spoke blatant truths through his show Patriot Act. He didn’t shy away from criticizing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman after the unfortunate murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He has openly highlighted the religious extremism and toxic nationalism that’s preexistent in modern-day India. Whether it was the protests in Sudan or the questionable censorship in China or the collection of funds to protect the Amazon rainforests – Minhaj discussed everything on his show.

Despite selecting heavy topics, his show never felt like an emotional burden. Through his incredibly fascinating show, he forced us to pay attention to the things that matter – the things that the white media doesn’t report. The philosophy of the show was to broaden your horizons and guide you towards enlightenment.  These happening never make it to the front-page headlines of American journalism and that’s humiliating on so many levels.

Above everything else, he shared stories that connected on a human level. He made it without ever sensationalizing the South Asian culture or limiting himself strategically so that he doesn’t lose his white audience. He could’ve easily made money off his South Asian quirks like YouTuber Lilly Singh. Let’s face it – her shows are structured as if she craves white validation.

Patriot The act was a show that came once in a lifetime. Minhaj is a breath of fresh air in a world full of Jimmys. His millennial sensibility, innovative utilization of technology and authenticity made the show what it was. From politics and climate change to drugs and taxes – he made everything so palatable!


Hasan Minhaj confirmed the terrible news of the cancellation of his on his Twitter account and while he was grateful for the opportunity and praise, one could sense his disappointment. He isn’t the only one.

Fans from all over the world have started petitions, they’re trending their concern on social media platforms and raging with fury because shows like Riverdale and Love Is Blind got renewed. Honestly, the streaming website has made really terrible decisions in recent times. They’re producing shows that encourage paedophilia and cancelling philosophical and intellectually driven shows like the Patriot Act and The Society.

Something just doesn’t feel right. Somehow weeks before the elections, Netflix decides to cancel a political satire show that has not just the massive fan following but critical acclaim as well.

By cancelling Patriot Act, Netflix has rejected South Asian representation. It has tried to curb our voice, kick our sentiments, and ignore our cries. Netflix has reasoned that the show failed to find its place on the streaming platform and that it simply didn’t gauge enough viewership – all without revealing the statistics.

It’s a shame because Hasan Minhaj had a voice that resonated with so many. He knew how to assert a viewpoint coherently and precisely. From calling out the flaws existent in the South Asian culture to the evident racism in America and the political mayhem spread all over the country – the man left no stone unturned. 

Updated August 22, 2020
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