National Clean Out Your Fridge Day 2020| 20 incredible hacks to Transform Your Fridge!

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  • POSTED ON: November 14, 2020

If your fridge is clean and organized, it means that you’ve got your life together. It’s one-step to a productive life! But apart from everything else, it’s essential that you regularly clean your fridge and keep it tight and categorized as it saves time for searching and saves money by keeping food fresh for long. Besides, you just know where exactly your things are.

So, check out some of the best ways you can keep your refrigerator organized. We’ve also given free hacks to keep your fridge clean on this world refrigeration day.

Snack Station

The first thing you need to do is take care of the kids. In fact, this would work for adults as well. The idea of a snack station is to let the kids know which treat is theirs. They can easily grab their treats as well. This trick would help divert their attention from junk food to healthier options. Adding this bin option in your fridge will keep it organized and stop leaking.

Keep Storage Bins Clear

By having clear refrigerator bins, you can delegate areas and containers. This will serve as an advantage as it will prevent bins from leaking and make things appear much more organized and easier to grab.

Mason Jars

You know that Mason jars are great for storing fruits and salads – they keep them refreshed. It keeps them separate from other food items and keeping the smell contained.

Protect Eggs

Well, you need to protect your eggs from breakage! You can get yourself containers with a lid – which adds room and give space for stacking. Most containers don’t come with lids, so you may not be able to secure them from breakage.

Lazy Susan

Many working mothers are recommended to use Lazy Susan to keep their refrigerator clean. It permits you to keep commonly used items wherever you access them easily. It’s basically a spinner, so you can just spin it to access the items at the back.

Can Dispensers Organize Beverages

Such dispensers are available to help you in canned beverages organization and you can tack them easily. If you want to put the whole box in, you may be left with some mess and won’t know where the shelf sticks to the box. This way, you can keep the fridge clean and see exactly what you have in it.

Dry Erase

You can track what exactly is kept in your refrigerator as well as the freezer by using this dry erase board. You can also see their expiration dates. However, do not forget to mention the leftover food to the list.

Keeping Veggie Crisper Crispy and Clean

By using this trick, you can line your veggie crisper to help keep your drawers organized and clean. This can help you extend the life of the items stored.

Storing Condiments

By using this egg carton, you can store food according to your condiments.  Essentially, it helps to keep the condiment at the top and protects the fridge and keeps it clean by stopping any leak.

Switch to Glass

Are you someone who preps for a meal beforehand? Well, then seal your food and keep it fresh and tidy. Also, ensure that you don’t mix the smell of other food and stop leakage. Glass is simply better because it keeps the fridge organized and clean as you can see what’s in there.

Another Idea For Condiment Storage

Many mothers love this! Every day, several condiments and dressings come out. They fill out these condiment containers and use them to prevent overuse. It also helps in easing out storage.

Organize and Prolong The Life of Freezer Foods

This is another effective way to organize your freezer and prolong the life of food. Food Saver keeps the food fresh and stops the smell from permeating other items.

Freezer Dates

You may use the freezer door and a dry erase marker to track the items stored inside. Please, we beg you, don’t use a permanent marker.

Plastic Bins

You can use the plastic bin to maintain cleanliness and update the organization. You can literally find them in Dollar Tree.

Organized Freezer

Although the idea is originally for a freezer drawer, you can try it on a chest and upright freezer. By keeping it organized, you can lose things because you don’t want to mess it up. You don’t need to go overboard; just organize by categorizing meat, breakfast items, and frozen snacks, etc.

Added Storage

If you need more storage in your refrigerator, use a wire shelf on the top shelf.

Hanging Storage

Usually, upright freezers have cabinets that can be used to hang bags and binder clips that provide you with extra space. This helps in freeing a shelf and making space. You can also keep your bags close (even when you’ve opened them partially) by strategizing this method. Make it an open-air pantry.

Eat Me First Bin

You can add another bin in the fridge that says “Eat Me First” – this indicates their expiration date is soon.

Keep Your Fridge Clean

You can use shelf liners to wipe the spills and protect the glass shelves from breakage. They can be reused! Also, it’s cost-effective, so don’t worry about cost in the long run.

So these are some of the hacks to try on this National Clean Out Your Fridge Day 2020 or world refrigeration day. Keep reading our blogs to find out incredible ways to enjoy national bread day, national fast food day 2020, national cake day, homemade bread day and more!

Updated November 14, 2020
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