‘Mother’s Day 2021’| 10 Horrifying Celebrity Mothers and Why!

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  • POSTED ON: April 7, 2021

Motherhood is considered to be a gift from God - sometimes, you don’t even have to be a mother to have maternal instincts. Women are generally born with it - we enjoy nesting and keeping everyone together like it’s our job.

Based on all the sacrifices they make and their loving nature, mothers are praised and given a high status in society. They nurture kids and hope to raise them to be exceptional adults. Are mothers under significant stress because of this? Yes! They’ve got a lot on their plate and no matter how efficiently they work, things remain hard.

In Hollywood, there are countless mothers who’re known for being kind and gentle. However, we have some mothers who’ve surrendered and given up on their jobs entirely. No, they’ve not abandoned their kids, but they’ve also not taken adequate care of them. This is strange considering they’re in the public eye.

Kris Jenner

No one can deny that Kris Jenner is the one behind the success of the Kardashian Clan. No one knew who they were and nobody even cared. It wasn’t until Kim’s sex tape got leaked that people began to notice the family.

Kris is the reason behind their “so called” success as she supports her daughters in every wrong decision. She makes sure that every controversy out there has the name of her daughters in - how else would they make their lives interesting and worth paying attention to? She exploits her kids like no other and then also gets a 10 percent out of it!

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is known for two things in life: being a bad mom and a notorious lover! She’s your stereotypical version of a hot mess. She has a daughter with the late singer Kurt Cobain, who is now an adult. It comes as no surprise to us, but the daughter had an incredibly sad childhood. Courtney struggled with addiction all her life and she apparently also abused the pets at home. She threatened to burn the entire house down once and constantly got into fights with her boyfriends.

Jaid Barrymore

Jaid Barrymore is the mother of Drew Barrymore - she is known for playing small TV roles. She might not have gotten fame due to her acting chops, but she did try to use scandals and other means to get popular. She was desperate for fame, and when her daughter got more famous than her, she became jealous and envious of her life. You’d be surprised to know, but Drew Barrymore left her house and started supporting herself at the age of 14!

Kate Gosselin

Do you remember the show Kate Plus Eight? If yes, you’d also know of Jon and Kate. Well, Kate is a control freak and she abused her husband Jon for years until he could take no more and filed for divorce. She has eight children with him - twins and sextuplets! Kate used spank her kids and turned into a psychotic money-making machine.


Nadya Sulemon came into spotlight in 2009 and gave birth to eight babies. At the time, the world was surprised and gave praises to the mother who managed to pull such a great deed – besides, the babies were healthy and cute! The news was even more heartwarming when people discovered that the babies had been conceived using IVF. But here’s when things went south: she planned to raise her kids on her own. She started posting nude pictures and working in adult movies. Soon, she went back to her own ways and became a counselor. Today, she has 14 kids and all by choice. But the income? Not enough!

Shirley MacLaine

Shirley is known for her acting in Terms of Endearment, but she is actually an incredibly cocky person. In fact, if you start counting the number of times she’s been a horrible parent, you’d be shocked to your core! She once encouraged her daughter to lose her virginity at 17 - literally forced her! There have been several encounters as such and to the point where she had to go see a sex therapist. Imagine the horror when your mother is making you feel so uncomfortable.

Linda Hogan

After getting a divorce from her 24 year old husband Hulk Hogan, Linda went a bit nuts. She had a quarter life crisis and started dating a 19 year old boy who was four months younger than her daughter. She was also accused of doing drugs and being blatantly racist! She even beat the hell out of her ex-boyfriend once. She’s truly a nutcase, if you ask us!

Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar has quite a contradictory personality. She was once praised for being the most nurturing and kind-hearted mother, but now it seems like she has lost all family values and love for her kids because she has simply refused to take responsibility for them anymore. In fact, she makes sure that her youngest kid is taken care of by her eldest - they’re literally parenting their sibling. There was a time when she completely refused to help her daughter - they were getting sexually abused by her brother Josh.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had a public meltdown in 2007 - that’s when her life went downhill. Literally every aspect of her life was under the radar and crooked. She had mental health issues because of which she couldn’t look after her toddlers - she was turned into a psychiatric facility. Also, she once locked herself in the bathroom with her infants while on pills.

Mama June

Now where do we even begin with this one? She not only had kids with a qualified sex offender, but she let one of her daughters get molested just because she didn’t believe it was true. She blamed her daughter and made them go through hell. She’s honestly the worst!

Anyway, hope you liked this mother day 2021 post. It was designed to wish you a happy mothers day - happy mothers day is not simply there to highlight the good moms, it’s also supposed to bring attention to the bad moms out there who probably don’t deserve mothers day flowers or the best mothers day gifts or even a basic mother day card!  

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And also, if your mother is not here with you, make sure that you work hard and be a good human being to spend happy mothers day in heaven! Let’s end this on a positive note; happy mother day greets to you and like our page on Facebook for mother’s day gift ideas!

Updated April 7, 2021
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