Melania Trump Advises Americans To Wear A Face Mask

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  • POSTED ON: April 10, 2020

The latest video of Melania Trump shows her telling the Americans to take all the necessary precautions and wear a face mask in public. Really, Trump needs to hear this.

Source: CNN

On Monday morning, Melania tweeted a video where she declared that CDC recommends wearing masks to cover your face in public. Hence, wear a face mask in grocery stores or pharmacies and in places where it’s hard to maintain social distance.

Well, it could’ve been better if she had worn the white mask instead of just holding it, but you know, we’ll accept the effort for now.

Remember, this does not replace the importance of social distancing. It is another recommended guideline to keep us all safe.” – She added.

We sincerely hope that people listen to her word of advice. She is the first member of the Trump family who stands factually correct.

Trump, too, has started to share Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations on Twitter. Despite urging others to wear a mask in public, he has made it obvious that he wouldn’t follow the advice himself.

He was recently asked why he doesn’t wear a mask as people would like to see him set an example. His reply was very Trump-like: “I just don’t choose to. They are not mandatory guidelines, they are guidelines. They suggest you could wear them… you don’t have to wear them. Wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens — I just don’t see it.”

Despite doing the bare minimum, Melania has stepped her foot in the right direction, and hopefully, we’ll have a new video where she would be following the rules herself.

About time, the people in American office start practicing what they preach.

Updated April 10, 2020
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