Look at Donald Trump and Melania after the Debate and Joe Biden and Jill after the Debate

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 1, 2020

It’s obvious that the first presidential debate of 2020 will be remembered in future for its controversial elements, specifically Trump admitting that he’s a white supremacist and Biden asking him to shut up.

But there are many other aspects of the debate that are worth remembering: the memes!

The best moment of the entire debate is the one after it ended. Both partners of Biden and Trump came to the stage to congratulate their husbands on their “incredible” performance.

While Biden’s wife Jill gave him an appropriate hug, Melania didn’t. The awkwardness between Melania and Trump was super obvious!  

Source: Buzzfeed 

It’s like Trump wanted to hug Melania but only after the moment was gone. And not because he wanted a hug but because he wanted what Biden has – a functional wife.

It seems like that Trump got to deal with the business-like shoulder pats. 

Updated October 1, 2020
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