Lindsey Boylan, Special Adviser to Gov. Cuomo, Accuses him of Sexual Harassment

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  • POSTED ON: February 25, 2021

Wednesday, former aide to Gov. Cuomo opened up on her experience of sexual
harassment. She has accused him of going out of his way to touch her
inappropriately. She says that one time he even found a way to kiss her during
a one-on-one meeting.

former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to the
governor has claimed that the environment at the work place was suffocating and
toxic. According to her, the culture was so toxic that even the top management
at the workplace normalized their boss’ behavior. She was once told that Cuomo
had a crush on her.

didn’t just try to create a narrative – she has come with receipts! She has
shared the screenshots of emails and text messages that took place between the

feels compelled to share her story and no longer wants to hide her experiences
of workplace intimidation, harassment, and utmost humiliation. She wouldn’t let
this behavior go unreported – even if it’s committed by a Governor.

was promoted to the position of senior adviser in 2018 and, during one of those
meetings, Cuomo stepped in front of her and kissed her on her lips without
consent. The unwanted advances kept on coming, contributing to workplace

the apparent screenshots, it can be seen that Cuomo’s executive secretary
Stephanie Benton used to pass along messages from the governor, suggesting that
Boylan was “his type” and that she resembles one of his former girlfriends.

emails reads: “He said look up Lisa Shields. You could be sisters. Except
you’re the better looking sister.” After this, Cuomo continued to refer to Boylan
as “Lisa” in front of her colleagues.

confesses that she had shared her experiences of discomfort with her friends –
when the Governor used to keep a tab on her whereabouts and touch her on her
lower back, arms and legs.

addition to all this ridiculousness, it has also been revealed by Boylan that
Cuomo would comment on the weight of women and belittle them regarding their romantic
affairs and significant others.

actual confession of harassment was made in December last year, but she refused
to talk about her experiences with the press. At the time, Cuomo had declined
all the allegations.

2016, Boylan was utterly scared of Cuomo when she was invited to his office in
Albany during the holiday season. She had called up her husband and messaged
her mother just in case.

had called her alone to give her a tour of the office, and she had tried to
maintain distance throughout. At that meeting, she had shared a story
concerning a cigar box and said that it was given to him by President Clinton.

her essay, Boylan has said that the Governor used to pass comments and they
were all followed by inappropriate actions. Like, he once gave roses to all
female staffers and then went on suggesting to play a game of strip poker while
on a flight from an event in 2017.

mother called him a sexist pig in one of the text messages and told her daughter
to try and avoid him at all costs.

York Governor Cuomo doesn’t have much to say on this topic. He gave a one liner
in his defense,saying that her claims are “simply false”.

has revealed that she served as deputy secretary for economic development and
special adviser to Cuomo from 2015 to 2018 – however, she also said that she
was afraid of taking up this position as she didn’t want to be in close
proximity with him.

from September 2018 show that two officials have formally requested Boylan to
be removed from the office for requesting the resignation of an employee
without having authorization. In addition, it was
ordering other colleagues who failed to report to her.

were additional concerns regarding her attitude at work. Apparently, she used
to bully three African-American women and treat them like children.

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What are your thoughts on this matter? A former
deputy secretary for economic development on Wednesday accused him of sexually
harassing. He’s a New York and belongs to the Democratic Party – the allegations
are serious and appalling! 

Updated February 25, 2021
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