Kobe Bryant: Everything about NTSB Report, Pilot’s Spatial Disorientation and Crash Footages!

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  • POSTED ON: February 11, 2021

How did Kobe Bryant Die?

is being reported that the cause of Kobe and seven other passengers—
which included his daughter Gianna- was the pilot’s decision to continue flying
the helicopter despite being aware of the adverse weather conditions. According
to the National Transportation Safety Board, the pilot became spatially
disoriented and he lost control. 


board members further concluded that the pilot was most likely driving under
pressure – so as to please a high-profile client. 
Thereby, his judgment was
hazed and biased. Furthermore, it is being said that the operator of the Kobe Bryant helicopter had not reviewed the safety management processes comprehensively.
The spatial disorientation occurred when the pilot flew into a thick set of

Ara Zobayan(the
pilot) was actually asked against flying into the clouds by the federal
regulators. In fact, he conveyed to the air traffic controllers that he was
about to rise out of and above the clouds but— before he could do so— his
helicopter crashed into the hillside. He died in the crash on 26th
Jan, 2020 alongside seven other passengers.

board tried to imply that this was self-induced pressure (to fly) but no
concrete evidence has been found supporting the notion. The NSTB investigator, Dujuan
Sevillian has claimed that the helicopter operator and broker placed absolutely
no pressure on the pilot. However, he believes that the pilot placed the
pressure on himself, as he wanted to fly the high-profile clients.


Kobe Bryant was 41 and his daughter, Gianna was just 13. In addition, Gianna’s
teammates and Bryant’s friends were flying the helicopter and they all embraced
death with them. Last year, during the investigations, it was suggested that no
engine failure was found. In fact, the helicopter didn’t have a black box
flight recording system.

the board concludes that the air traffic controller had no role to play in this
accident as, earlier, they were blamed for being unable to report the loss of
the radar.

the NSTB claims that even if the pilot had reviewed the updated flight risks
under the most recent weather conditions, it would still have been considered a
low risk. However, he would have to put it all aside and communicate with the
director of operations just to formulate an alternative plan.

to the board’s conclusion, there were two technologies responsible for the
accident of the pilot; one of them happens to be the data monitoring program
that provides the operator with information on how to mitigate the factors that
deviate from the regular procedures. Furthermore, a crash-resistant flight
recorder system could have possibly offered important information regarding the
view of the pilot from the cockpit – to further understand his point of focus.

NTSB report has recommended the FAA to provide helicopters with such devices.

you expected from the federal authorities to provide the helicopters with a
Terrain Awareness and Warning System to indicate them regarding a threat of
possible crashing – then you should know that it has still not happened. And
yes, this system could’ve prevented the Kobe Bryant crash.

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Anyway, it was rather unfortunate
that the Pilot’s spatial disorientation led to the death of the American
basketball player and NBA star Kobe. He was born on August 23,
1978 and was only 41 at the time of the Kobe Bryant crash. And based on the
report, the responsible thing to do will be to blame the spatial disorientation
and not the pilot of Kobe Bryant who also lost his life. 

Kobe Bryant family ( gianna bryant, vanessa bryant, natalia diamante bryant) and Kobe Bryant parents will always remember him and so do all of this fans who are still unable to cope with Kobe Bryant death.

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Updated February 11, 2021
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