Kanye West Is Running For 2020 Presidency And Elon Musk Is Game

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 8, 2020

In 2016, Kanye promised that he will be running for the next elections and seems like he wasn’t joking.

On 4th of July, he announced that he’s running for president – and let's just assume, 2020 cannot get any weirder.

This year’s 4th of July celebrations started in full swing despite the crowdless roads on the East Coast. It’s quite interesting to notice that the most controversial rapper of our times specifically chose this day to make the official announcement.

Anyway, now we have three of the most controversial figures of America running for presidency and nobody actually knows how we got here. The sociopath can’t be given this seat once again, Biden is untrustworthy, and Kanye – well, we can just hope and pray that he would let us finish our sentences first.

However, there are some theories suggesting that Kanye is simply using this tactic as a means to market his upcoming album titled ‘God’s Country.” Some even say that he will probably find a way to use this time to sell his overpriced clothes because let’s face it, Kanye cannot be our president.

But you know what? Forget everything because there’s something else that got our attention when Kanye made this announcement.

Guess who was game when Kanye tweeted about his intentions? Yep, the full-time Twitter troll and part-time Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied to Kanye and showed full support as if things weren’t weird enough until now.

Now the only thing left to see is Musk wearing 556 Gear Yeezy 2020 Kanye West President Trump t-shirt while endorsing Kanye’s campaign and Kanye roaming around in red S3XY shorts in real, endorsing Musk!

The two were already twinning this past week. In fact, pretty sure Musk has a The Life of Pablo Bobblehead hiding somewhere in his home.

Image Source - Google | Image by Rachael Ellenbogen

Since we are already surviving through 2020, no one knows if Kanye can actually be our next president. What else is left? Eminem dropping a diss track and taking over America?

Updated July 8, 2020
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