How To Introduce Your New Partner To Family Over The Holidays

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  • POSTED ON: December 22, 2020

While going home for holidays is a
beautiful experience meant to be cherished for the rest of the year, it comes
with its own set of challenges. Going home with your partner whom you’ve been
dating for a while now, for example, is one of them. But is it easier than coming out to your family and friends on Christmas?

Of course, it is going to be a huge milestone
in your relationship, but considering that they’ve got your entire clan to
impress, you and your partner are probably both feeling a little overwhelmed.

If you’re planning on introducing a new
partner to the family over the holidays and want everything to go perfectly,
here’s what you need to do:

Find out what your partner thinks

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Before you start planning anything, make
sure you know what your partner thinks about the whole thing to avoid any of these hilarious Christmas fails.

Are they comfortable with it? Do you both
agree it is the right time to involve the families? Ask similar questions to
yourself before going ahead and informing your family, which is the next step.

Tell your family beforehand

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We all love surprises, but springing a
surprise guest on your family during the holidays is just not right. There are
tons of preparations that go into accommodating each person. Make sure you let
your family know you’ll be bringing a plus one so they can make the necessary
adjustments to the dinner table and more.

Well, if you recently had a breakup here’s what you need to do!

Tell your partner what to expect

It’s important to give a rundown of your family
dynamics before you bring your new bae home. Tell them who’s expected to be
there and what sorts of personalities those people have and what they do and don’t like!

If your partner knows all the family
members’ names and what they do, they’ll find it very easy to get along with
everyone. Also, make sure you let your partner in on any special activities and
traditions your family follows during the holidays, so they can learn what to
do beforehand and nothing comes as a surprise(or shock!) that might make them
feel unsettled– not even your outfit!

Make sleeping arrangements beforehand

Even if you and your significant other
spend nights at each other’s places all the time, chances are your parents
might not agree with this arrangement at all. To avoid any awkward situations
or discussions, it’s better if you make sleeping arrangements beforehand. 

Maybe a sibling of yours can’t make it home
for the holidays and your partner can crash in their room. If that’s not
possible, you and your partner can decide to stay at a nearby hotel. This way
the two of you can stay together without having to face any
awkward morning scenarios.

Let the cook know of your partner’s
dietary restrictions if any

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If your new bae has any food allergies or
if they are vegetarian or vegan, make sure the cook for the day is aware of them
so they can plan a menu that accommodates your partner’s palette.

If, in any case, you forget to let them
know in advance, you can bring food along with you that you and your partner
can enjoy. This way, your family won’t have to make any special efforts.

Decide which events to attend

Your family must celebrate different events
during the holidays. If you’re planning to introduce your new partner to your
family, make sure you pick and choose the events that are going to be the least
intimidating and most enjoyable.

These could include baking cookies,
decorating the Christmas tree with your family, or any other fun activities. How about a nice Christmas tree you get from these Amazon incredible deals!

Don’t engage in controversial topics

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The worst thing that could happen when your
new partner is meeting with the family is getting into a controversial
conversation. Everyone has opinions and it’s okay to voice them, just not
during the holidays when you’re meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family
for the first time.

Some topics that should never come up
during holiday dinners are political views, religious views, climate change,
immigration reform, abortion, free-market capitalism, or the Trump presidency or if Jesus is black or white…oops!

All you have to do is keep your debating
skills under wraps, and things will go exactly as planned.

Alone time is important

If your new partner is meeting your family,
it doesn’t mean you can’t have some alone time with them. You two must spend some
relaxing moments together. Meeting new people can be pretty overwhelming, and
if you two need some time to think on your own and discuss everything that went
down (both good or bad), consider taking a walk around the block and getting
some fresh air. Take some ideas from these movies!

Exchange gifts in private

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Giving each other gifts is one of the main
holiday events, however, we think it’s better if you two exchange your gifts in

When you know you’ll be safe from prying
and judgmental eyes, it’ll be easier for you to pick out a present that’s more
meaningful. After all, your gifts are about your love, and they can be
personal; it has nothing to do with your family or their reactions. 

Meanwhile don’t forget to play some traditional MP3s after all the holidays are special this year!


Updated December 22, 2020
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