How to Bid Farewell to 2020: The Most Pathetic Year

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  • POSTED ON: December 28, 2020

2020 surely tops our
list of the worst years ever. While the COVID-19 outbreak is one of the main
reasons why we feel this way, wildfires, deadly explosions, natural disasters,
airplane crashes and the deaths of some of our favorite celebrities have had us
feeling quite morbid towards this year.

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Finally, it’s coming
to an end and we can’t wait to bid farewell to the most pathetic year of our
lives. If you’re thinking about how to do that in the best way possible, we’ve
got you covered.

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Freeze and Drop

Say goodbye to the bad
juju of 2020 by freezing some personal items and dropping them from a height to
shatter them into pieces. There are some services that can help you do this,
but if you want you can choose to do the activity by yourself.

Don’t want to wait for
the item to freeze? That’s okay, just take a drive up a hill where you can
enjoy the view and also get rid of the bad 2020 vibes that you associated with
these things.

Bonfire and Burn

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If you’re more of a
fire person than water, you can plan a bonfire and burn stuff that you don’t
want in your life. These can include pictures and a few clothes but make sure
you’re not burning things that can help other people out.

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In that case, consider
donating the item(s) to a charity or an orphanage; doing so will make you feel
good and you can go into the next year with your spirits high.

Make a List of Good

Among all the bad
things, we’re sure something good must have also happened to you this year.
Take those small victories and always remember them. Make a list of all the
good things, this will give you a feeling of hope and happiness like no other,
and that is what we all need in these incredibly uncertain times.

Also, don’t forget to avoid these bizarre new year resolutions to welcome a pleasant 2021!

Make A Collage

If you’re someone who
loves freezing moments in time in the form of photographs, you must have a ton
of film from 2020. Develop those photos, pick out your favorite moments from
the entire year, and make a collage. You can choose to do multiple small ones
or one large collage.

We suggest you make at
least two to three of these things so it gives you an option to pick the best
one and have it framed for a corner in your house. A good idea would be to do
it every year; you can start now and continue this activity.

Forgive People Who
Made It Hard for You

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The easiest way to
move past bad things is to forgive and forget the people who caused
difficulties for you. There might be some people in your life who made 2020 a
bad year for you, or even the worst year. Now, this is going to be a difficult
thing to do, but forgive them from the bottom of your heart.

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If 2020 has taught us
anything, it’s that life is extremely unpredictable and that it’s important to stay connected. While no one is asking you to connect with these people, make
sure you don’t hold a grudge against them. It’ll only deteriorate your health,
so forgive them and move on.

Make A Journal

In these unprecedented
times, nobody knows for sure what 2021 would look like. Would we be able to go
back to the normal we’re used to? This uncertainty is bound to rile up a number
of different emotions in your heart and brain. Don’t let them take over when
you have can have a healthy outlet for them.

We suggest making a
journal in which you can let out every feeling and emotion that takes over. If
you already have a journal, make sure you continue the habit of writing in it.
If you don’t, know that it’s never too late to start a journal and there
couldn’t be a better time than right now. Also, know what you need to know before the December Holidays end.

Do More with

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2020 has had the worst
impact on our social lives. It has cut us off from all our family and friends.
The best way to bid farewell to this pathetic year that stopped you from
hanging out with friends is to do more with friends. Don’t get us wrong, we
don’t want you to compromise your safety in any way, we’re only suggesting that
you meet up virtually, chat, and play games with your closest friends. This way
you won’t have to spend the December holidays alone.

Also, be prepared and know these things before you enter 2021!

Promise to Stay

Enter the new year
with new energy and a new state of mind. If you let the negative feelings from
2020 taint your new year, you’re going to regret it for the next 12 months.

Take up activities
that promote positive thinking like meditation, yoga, running, or exercise to
beat the negativity out of your brain and make room for some happy thoughts.  

Make A Resolution

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It’s okay if you
weren’t able to fulfill any of the resolutions you made for 2020; trust us, we
know you’re not one to blame. What you can do now is that take those
resolutions forward and complete them in 2021. If you want to scrap them off
and start fresh, that’s great too. Just make a road map of what you think the
new year will look like and what you aim to achieve in it. Stay open to the
idea that things might not go as planned. But please, do avoid these bizarre resolutions at all cost!

Bidding farewell to
2020 won’t be so hard, we’ve all been waiting for this wretched year to end,
and now we also know some of the best ways to do it. We wish you good luck for
the coming year, and if you like, you can share how you celebrated the end of
2020 with us on our Facebook Page.

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Updated December 28, 2020
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