Furious Protesters Demand An End To Michigan’s Coronavirus Lockdown Orders

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  • POSTED ON: April 16, 2020

Residents of Michigan are tired of following the social distancing protocol. Almost 2000 people have lost their lives to this vicious pandemic, but hey, people of Michigan prefer “dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”  

Thousands of protesters defied social distancing and rallied outside Michigan’s State Capital to demand Governor Gretchen Whitmer to lift her stringent stay at home orders. The lockdown is meant to last until April 30.

Source: Wane 

The protest was dubbed as #OperationGridlock and was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition (MCC). Protesters were wearing MAGA sweaters whilst carrying signboards saying “Free Michigan, Trump 2020, Impeach Whitmer”.

These people insist that they’re being denied the most fundamental constitutional right of freedom. They believe that they are smart enough to make their own decisions. The furious mob-like protest chanted “lock her up” meanwhile waving “Make America Great Again” flags in the air.

They leaned out of their car windows, stood close to one another, touched, and basically, broke all the measures prescribed by doctors and state officials to stop the spreading of Coronavirus. People of Michigan would happily die because of Coronavirus but they can’t watch small businesses crippled and shut down forcefully.

A few members of the angry crowd were even armed with assault rifles. When asked what exactly was bothering them, some of them had legitimate reasons like unemployment or lack of access to the basic necessities of life. However, saying that not being able to go see a hair dresser is as American as it gets. Like, people are dying and there’s no cure for COVID-19, but you want to get your roots done? Priorities.

It’s understandable that you’re angry, but the whole world is going through the same situation. We all miss going outside and attending social gatherings. Being locked up at home can be depressing and anxiety-provoking. A large section of the population is unemployed and has no idea how to make ends meet. But, this isn’t a choice, it’s an ultimatum. We have no other way to stop the spreading of Coronavirus. And by maintaining social distancing, we can have some control over it.

Source: Lasing City 

Hence, the reaction of the governor was completely justified. She criticized the selfish and inexcusable actions of this crowd.

She said, “We know that this demonstration is going to come at a cost to people’s health. When people gather that way without masks… that’s how COVID-19 spreads.”

She pointed out the ironic consequences of this protest by saying that “may have just created a reason to lengthen it (Stay-at-home orders).”

Last Thursday, Governor of Michigan had imposed the most stringent set of lockdown rules in the history of the US. She had blocked all interstate travels and had asked people to stay at home until further notice. In fact, she also restricted interaction with neighbors. She also commented that lawn care, construction, fishing, boating with a motor, home improvement and gardening are non-essential activities.

She ended the press conference with the aptest response to the protest assuring that “This is about public health. I’m not focusing on politics. I’m trying to save lives here.”

Updated April 16, 2020
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