Five Shocking Facts About Dianne Feinstein, Night Stalker!

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If you have even a
little bit of insight into the world of deviance and psychopathology, you’d
have an idea about Richard Ramirez – the Night Stalker – the most vicious
serial killer of the 80s (other than Bonnie & Clyde) who terrorized the Los Angeles’ streets.

With “Night Stalker:
Searching for a Serial Killer”, Netflix has come up with a docuseries about the
psychopath. In this docuseries, the makers have tried to delve straight into
the complexities of the case and how the investigators captured the killer who
was tyrannizing the streets of Los Angeles for over a year.

In the series, Ramirez
is introduced as the “walk-in-killer” as he had a pattern of invading homes of
the residents and sexually assaulting and brutally murdering them. He continued
to torment the residents from June 1984 till August 1985 with the assistance of
several weapons. He famously left satanic symbols behind as evidence and

After several attempts,
the police managed to find his fingerprints on a stolen vehicle after which
they also release his mug shot to the general public. This helped them
tremendously because the public took matters in their own hands and reprimanded
him before the police by beating him after getting accidentally caught.

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He was convicted on the
20th of September in 1989 and was charged for 13 murders and 5
attempted murders. In addition, he was also charged for 14 burglaries and 11
sexual assaults. Now it must be understood that these are only the charges that
could be proved. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison but eventually died
in 2013 due to cancer after 23 years on death row.

Here are five shocking
facts and
details about ‘Satanic’ serial killer that have been
dropped in the new Netflix docuseries!

His Bloody Brutal Murders

Everybody knows that he
was insane as his crimes were vicious and disgusting but the series actually
dives deep into how gory and twisted his murders were.
After giving it a thorough study, experts discovered a pattern: He would always
murder men and sexually abuse women in the most heinous manner. And the most
disturbing aspect of the crime was that he would experience real joy in seeing
fear in the eyes of his victims.

For example, he had
knocked on the car of Maria Hernandez just to see horror shoot through her eyes
right before the tragedy. Similarly, he had yanked Tsai-Lian “Veronica” Yu from
her car instead of shooting her right through the windshield which he easily

Do you know that he was
convicted of 13 counts of murder?

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In Maxine Zazzara’s
case, he took out her eyes and went away, keeping them as souvenirs. After this
killing, the investigator gave him the title of the “enraged killer”. Some of
his victims had their throats stabbed and slashed and some were beaten to death
using things like a hammer. 

Post-Murderous Snacks

One of the detectives on
the case revealed that after committing such a horrifying and inhumane feat,
Ramirez would like to get comfortable and enjoy a snack. This shows how sick
his mentality was. And he wouldn’t go out to a café to have a latte as a way to
celebrate and relax. In fact, he would eat everything that would be available
at his victim’s house.

For example, in San
Francisco, he murdered an accountant called Peter Pan, after which he raped Barbara,
his wife. Afterwards, he ate all that was available in their fridge until he
was sick. He later threw up on the kitchen floor and then masturbated in the
living room. Before leaving, he drew satanic symbols on the wall.

Satanic Symbols

For the first few
months, investigators couldn’t figure out the meaning behind these satanic
drawings on the wall. It wasn’t until they found a connection between one of
his drawings with Satanic worship. Some even claimed that he was copying
Charles Manson. After some time, he started leaving pentagrams behinds and
forced his victims to swear to Satan. And here’s the disturbing fact: he said
“Hail Satan” in one of his court appearances after pleading not guilty.

Almost Arrested

There were several
times when the investigator was close to catching him. There was one time when
he attempted to kidnap a victim but failed as he was caught violating traffic
rules and the police witnessed it. When he was pulled over, he heard his kidnapping
attempt’s broadcast after which he drew a pentagram on the stolen car and drove
away fast.

Here’s a little known
fact – he had a terrible breath and bad teeth. And you know what? In one of the
stolen cars, police found his card for the dentist’s office. This was another
chance but the police missed it again due to poor timings and lack of

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The Mistake of Dianne Feinstein

Like mentioned above,
Ramirez killed Peter Pan in San Francisco and the evidence was shown to the
then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein. This became the tipping point of the entire
investigation. After this, she held a conference in which she not only
described his appearance and the evidence collected by the investigator; she
also showed his sketch.

This information was
critical as the general public wasn’t aware. And the detectives knew that
Ramirez followed the new because he once told one of the surviving victims that
he is the night stalker. This was considered a terrible mistake because he
became careful and the police were never able to find his footprints after that
public conference.

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What do you think? Was
this actually a mistake because the public did end up finding the night stalker
before the police could? Watch the docuseries on Netflix to see the entire
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Updated January 15, 2021
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