Fact-Checking the First 2020 Presidential Debate Because Trump Is A Big Fat Liar

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 30, 2020

All hell broke loose
yesterday night at the first 2020 Presidential Debate!

Three privileged white
men went on foul mouthing each other for hours, and the viewers came out
frustrated and absolutely wrecked by the abuse they witnessed on live
television. It was a nightmare!

President Donald Trump
broke every rule in the book – he lied, exaggerated, and misled several
conversations, he kept cutting Joe Biden during his turn to speak, he made
personal attacks and he announced to the world that he’s a white supremacist.

By the end of the
night, Biden was so vexed that he explicitly told Trump to just shut up.

The most critical point
of the debate has to be when Trump literally refused to condemn the white
supremacists and countered the allegations by saying that the left-wing needs
to be controlled as they’re the ones responsible for spreading violence in the

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

We won’t even get into
the details of the tax fraud that Mr. President committed because nothing that
he says will prove his innocence no matter how many times he says ‘millions of dollars’.

Below, we’ve
fact-checked some of the blatant lies told by Trump during 2020
Presidential Debate.

“There aren’t 100 million people with
pre-existing conditions.”

2020 will be a critical
chapter during Trump’s presidency as he broke all records of making mistakes.
Trump said this while countering a statement made by Biden regarding the
pandemic. This is completely false! The report which he was referring to was
conducted in 2017, and it estimated that between 61 and 133 million Americans
under the age of 65 pose pre-existing conditions. 

“A solicited ballot, solicited, is OK.
You solicit, you’re asking, they send it back, you send it back. I did that. If
you have an unsolicited, they’re sending millions of ballots all over the
country. There’s a fraud.”

The king of misleading
does it again! There are actually only nine states that automatically send out
ballots to all registered voters, and these are the states which Trump refers
to as “unsolicited”. Amongst these, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and
Hawaii are provided traditional voting options like mail and the District of
Columbia has adopted a similar process as a response to Coronavirus.

“He called the military stupid bastards.
On tape.”

This was a master
stroke by Trump! Back in 2016, Biden had jokingly called US troops in the UAE
stupid bastards” and of course, Trump had to use it to mislead the viewers. In
reality, Biden had visited the war zones and acknowledged that American don’t’
understand the incredible sacrifices these troops have made for the country

“It was driving energy prices through
the sky.”

When the moderator
asked Trump why he shut down the Clean Power Plant which was set up by Obama to
curb the planet-warming pollution caused by the coal fire, he said it was to
reduce the energy prices that were apparently skyrocketing. The truth is that
most of the plant was not even implanted. It was temporarily halted in 2016
after which it never reinstated, and then last year Trump shut it down

To be honest,
everything that Trump said last night was either false or misleading. It’s now up to each and every citizen of the country to take
matters in their own hands and vote out this guy.


Updated September 30, 2020
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