Face Masks Debut at Paris Fashion Week amidst the Coronavirus Epidemic

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  • POSTED ON: February 28, 2020

Fashion statement or a capitalistic endeavor – call it what you want, but face masks have made their runway debut. 

Source: Hollywood Reporter 

Paris Fashion Week took a trendy route this past Tuesday and had the top models walking down the runway in fashionable face masks.

With more than 80,000 cases reported worldwide, 2700 people have already lost their lives to the disturbing coronavirus. But Paris Fashion Week still managed to pull its socks up – or rather, its face masks. Amidst the epidemic, French designer Marine Serre decided to send several models down the runway adorning aptly timed face masks.

The founder of the label “Futurewear”, Serre, has previously worked with fashion gods Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Balenciaga. The fashion designer also won the prestigious LVMH prize one year after graduating from La Cambre Mode Belgian Fashion Design Academy. Back in November, the designer collaborated with the French Filtration Brand R-PUR on an anti-pollution mask collection. Initially sold at $575, these masks are no longer available. When asked to describe her style and ambition, the designer stated that it’s “a decisive ecofuturist thematic and vision.”

Source: CNA Lifestyle 

Although most guests wore the usual white medical masks while attending the show, model Kozue Akimoto made an entrance wearing a black and red non-disposable face mask. Dutch influencer Romy D’Fonseca also posted a picture of herself on Instagram in the same face mask. This photo of the influencer captioned that the accessory was a collaborative effort of Futurewear and Airinum. Additionally, the influencer revealed that the face masks that debuted at the Paris Fashion Week would be up for sale online this week. 

Airinum has made the launch of these face masks official on their Instagram account. Naturally, once the announcement was made, Airinum experienced a spike in requests. The instant popularity of this accessory is “due to the current coronavirus situation.” However, the brands disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter that “This has been a project going on long before the coronavirus.” Anyway, each of these face masks is sold at an unreasonable price range of $69 -$99. This is outrageous considering the necessity of this accessory at this time. 

Updated February 28, 2020
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