Empowering Scenes from International Women’s Day

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  • POSTED ON: March 9, 2020

“They kill us, they rape us and nobody does anything.”

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The world celebrates International Women’s Day on 8th March. Despite being a regular occasion, this year a peculiar stance was observed. Women marched down the streets and declared war on patriarchy. Around the globe, women combatted sexism and surveillance with utmost dignity and honour.

It seems that after the thunderous acknowledgement of the #MeToo Movement, women are not backing down. They’ve decided to counter double standards, pay parity, gender violence, sexual harassment, inequality, etc. with insurmountable force. Gone are the days when women underestimated themselves by accepting hypocrisy and injustice. The women of today believe in fighting for what’s right. Their courage, resistance, and perseverance are simply astounding. Foul words can no longer earn their trust as they’re tired of being exploited and manipulated. They rise above and snatch their rights from the system.

The women of today are angry, exhausted, ready to fight and fight anyone and everyone who comes in their path to freedom. They are willing to take risks, overcome obstacles, and even die if they have to. They demand a world that would provide them with the same respect and honor that men receive. They want equal rights and opportunities. They don’t want to feel burdened by stereotypes and expectations. They openly question and challenge sexist policies and values. They negotiate their roles and march towards a more secure future. The women of today are powerful as they rise above patriarchy and slash every bitter outrage that comes along with it.

Like men, today’s women, too, seek financial, emotional, and sexual independence. They urge for reproductive rights and sexual liberation. They want to gain financial independence and carve a niche for themselves. They don’t accept emotional labor, sexual abuse, and psychological trauma from partners and bosses. They value their own mental and physical health, above all.

The women of today are tired of explaining to the patriarchs what feminism is. Whore, slut, bitch, homo, faggot, man-hater – women are tired of these labels.
In addition to being somebody’s wife, daughter, sister, or mother, a woman is a person who lives and breathes on her own. She doesn’t consider herself a victim as she is now a fighter. She wants education, bodily autonomy, respect, and all the other fundamental rights. She is empowering, and she is the future.

This is the message that women gave out on the International Women’s Day. They took the streets to protest and preach the message to the world. They’re no longer going to be shadowed by men. They will be their own person with a mind and voice of their own.

However, this peaceful message got distorted by many media houses and armed forces. When the insecurity of men began to stir, a form of civil disobedience was obtained. Although many countries like France, Spain, and the UK allowed and encouraged peaceful protests, countries like Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Mexico, and Pakistan failed to succeed.

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The Turkish government had banned the March on certain locations. For example, the authorities had declared the Istiklal Street off-limits. Some demonstrators and marchers still proceeded towards Taksim Square. What happened next was outrageous as the police fired tear gas on the protestors who defied the government. It was truly ridiculous!
In Pakistan, an interesting turn of events was observed. Uneducated and conservative groups had tried to stop the Women’s March from happening. For weeks, it had been a subject of debate on prominent TV outlets.

In Islamabad, however, insecure and violent men threw bricks and shoes on the marchers while the police maintained neutrality. And we all know that neutrality is the biggest crime in times of moral crisis. Despite the opposition, men and women went on to March. They chanted for the rights of trans and non-binary individuals. They screamed against female infanticide, forced conversions of Hindus and Christians, the wage gap, and honour killings. And they marched for protection from professional and campus harassment.

In Kyrgyzstan, dozens of protestors and journalists were detained by police officers after some masked men came to demolish their peaceful protest. The activists and human rights advocates were gathered around Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The masked individuals left as soon as the police arrived on the scene, leaving 50 protestors detained, amongst which the majority were women. They not only dragged them from the ground but also tore apart their posters and brutally snatched their belongings from them.

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In Mexico, women went on a rampage and rightly so. Thousands of women took the streets to protest against femicides and impunity for the killers. To express their anger, women in Mexico were recently observed vandalizing monuments and metro stations. Mexican women are furious and tired of being violated. They’ve been instigated and provoked. On average, ten women are murdered by their partners, and no serious action has been taken against it.

“I don’t want to be the next one, and I don’t want my mother to be the next one,” said a 21-year-old university student.

Hence, we can conclude that the International’s Women’s Day was successful to a large extent. Women marched over patriarchy, sexism, and all things evil. It’s still a long journey ahead, but still, women are ready for change.

Happy International Women’s Day and welcome to the future where females dominate!

Updated March 9, 2020
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