Dubai Princess ‘Sheikha Latifa’ Says She Is a ‘Hostage’

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  • POSTED ON: February 17, 2021

Sheikha Latifa, Dubai princess, who unsuccessfully tried to fly away from her country, is now being held in a forced prison. In 2018, she was caught while trying to escape her privileged yet suffocating life in the royal palace. Her friends quickly came to her rescue and claimed that she was being held hostage as her family hauled her back home.

On Tuesday, new videos surfaced, which contradicted the statements from her family. They insisted that she was enjoying a quiet family time back home – in the latest videos, Sheikha Latifa can be seen in a serious condition where she says she’s not sure how long she can survive this situation. She further adds that she’s afraid of her life’s safety.

In addition, she said she has been warned by the police that if she doesn’t cooperate with them, they would shoot her. It comes as no surprise that the police have told her that she would never see the light of the day and that she would live her remaining life in confinement.

Two years ago, when Sheikha tried to flee her home on a yacht piloted by a Frenchman, there was immense media outrage. A team of Indian and Emirati commandos had seized the yacht and detained everyone on board.

Before running away, Sheikha had recorded a video in which she had confessed that she was suffocated by the restrictions imposed by her father. He had banned her from traveling anywhere outside Dubai. It was so bad that she wasn’t even able to roam around the city without being followed by the minders hired by her father.

Sheikha Latifa, daughter of Dubai's ruler, was never seen in public after that video emerged on the internet.

Throughout this two year period, she used to secretly record videos from the villa where was held captive. The only place where she had even a little bit of privacy was in a bathroom. In the beginning, she used to communicate with her friends by writing letters, but after one of her friends smuggled a phone in, she started sending them regular updates.

In the letters and phone updates, she claimed that she was initially just held captive, but now the villa had turned into a jail where windows were shut and five police officers were always on guard. 

When she had tried to run away in 2018, the commandos had stormed inside the yacht and tranquillized her after a physical combat. After this, she was forcefully taken back to Dubai in a helicopter where she was interrogated for two weeks.

I just want to be free” – said Princess Latifa, daughter of Dubai's ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Her family had earlier posted pictures of her sitting with Mary Robinson – former President of Ireland and former United Nations Human Rights Commissioner. But the recent videos are enough to suggest that the family is not to be trusted and that her life is in danger.

In the first few months after she was caught, reports surfaced indicating that Sheikha suffered from a mental illness.

Now she claims that she was forced into coming for lunch by Princess Haya and one of her father’s wives. She had no idea about Ms. Robinson and that she would be attending the dinner. In fact, it was her stepmother who insisted that she must take pictures with Ms. Robinson and it was all done to stay civil.

Ms Robinson, on the other hand, claims that Sheikha Latifa herself has said that all of those statements about her being with her family were a lie.

She said: “They wanted me to do a video and say that I’m here happily and voluntarily. And I refused.”

Princess Haya has stepped in and favored the story told by her stepdaughter. In fact, in the documents filed in the British court (she filed for divorce from Shiekh), she said that one of Sheikha’s sisters had been harshly punished in their trial to run away.

Let’s see if Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammad al Maktoum can find her way out from the hell-hole. No one should be held hostage by their family – it’s literally the most horrifying tale we’ve heard of lately.

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Updated February 17, 2021
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