Defunding Police Should No Longer Be A Debate Explains Samantha Bee

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 12, 2020

The murder of George
Floyd has really forced us to see life as it really is – cruel, unequal, and
disturbed. With the whole nation grappling with this unfortunate death and the
overall treatment of the black community, it has become adamantly essential to reform
the existing policies and budgets and relocate them to where they’re genuinely

Change of attitude is
not where this power struggle and insane racial discrimination ends. Proper steps
need to be taken to ensure the protection of the black community and give them
the respect that they deserve. Defunding the police has become a huge debate
where the anti-racists urge its significance.

Samantha Bee explained
why defunding the police is absolutely needed right now.

the police means we can significantly scale back police budgets over time,
which will allow us to relocate that money to things that actually keep our
community safe, like education, mental health-care, affordable housing, and
violence prevention programs — all things that can help reduce crime in the
long run.”
– She explains.

She further pointed out
that NYPD’s current budget is $6 Billion! Do you know that it’s more than the
combined budget of New York City’s health, homeless services, youth development,
and workforce development programs? It’s absolutely insane!

Later she pointed out
another flaw in the system.

also need to change how police officers are used at all. Sending a police
officer to deal with a mental health crisis is like sending me to host John Krasinski’s
Some Good News.”

Hence, it can be
concluded that defunding the police is only the first step. It may be the most
critical one, but many more effective measures are in order!

Updated June 12, 2020
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