December Holidays around the World

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Winters can be viewed
in both positive and negative light – it’s all about perspective! For some
people, it’s a time when they can hibernate and get rest meanwhile others might
think of it as a time to rejoice and celebrate with these creative activities especially during quarantine.

As soon as December
starts, people are filled with a happiness that resonates with their traditional
values and cultural interests. Some people get so excited that they start
Christmas early and put up the tree on the first day of December (the Amazon Christmas tree deals are ending soon, grab yours now), meanwhile
others manage their frolic behavior and follow other religious activities.

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Throughout the world,
December is known as the time for reflection and solitude. When Jews are
celebrating Hanukkah, Sweden celebrates St. Lucia Day, and Christians
participate in Three Kings Day.

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Without further ado,
let’s jump on the train and discuss the various holidays around the world!


This particular holiday
can be celebrated for eight days either in November or December. What happens on
this and other public holidays is that Jews around the world light a special candle holder
– known as menorah. The purpose is to recall an ancient miracle in which one
day’s worth of oil continued to burn for eight days at a temple.

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In addition, they make
the occasion festive by eating potato pancakes, called latkes. They also sing
songs and play an interesting game in which they spin a top called dreidel so
as to win chocolate coins or raisins.

Kings Day

You may know about the
Twelve Days of Christmas, you must also know that at the end of those twelve
days comes a special day known as Epiphany. Some people also call it Three
Kings Day.

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Basically, this is the
day when three wise men saw baby Jesus and bought him gifts (btw here’s the reason why Jesus is not white). Hence, in Spain,
this day is celebrated by giving presents to children. In Puerto Rico, on the
night of January 5th, right before children are put to sleep,
parents leave a box with hay underneath their beds so that kings could leave
good presents in it. France celebrates this day by baking a delicious cake
called the King Cake. Some bakers also hide coins, jewels, and toys inside the


The Winter Solstice is
the shortest day of the year and it’s usually celebrated on the 21st
of December. On this day, people celebrate by lighting a bonfire and putting up
candles to coax back the sun.

Lucia Day

St. Lucia was a saint
in the 3rd century who was born on the 13th of December –
people in Sweden honor this day by dressing up in white gowns and red sashes.
They basically dress up as his brides and put up a wreath of burning candles on
their heads. These girls also wake up their family members by singing
traditional tunes. They also serve them with a special breakfast of coffee and
twisted saffron buns.

Nicholas Day

This is one of the most
common December global holidays celebrated in European countries. On this day,
people celebrate the death anniversary of St. Nicholas of Myra who actually
inspired the tradition of Santa Claus. Also known as Father Christmas, he used
to donate all of his wealth to the needy and had immense compassion for
children as well as those in need. You’ll observe parades around the country
and gift-giving activities.


Of course, you saw this
one coming! Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25th of
December. Christians – and some non-Christian families – attend mass in church
and indulge in carol singing and gift giving activities.  In Ireland, Christmas is considered to be a holy
day and so it’s more religious than just fun and festive. It’s when Wren Boys Procession
takes place and children go from one house to another singing Christmas carols.
They also sing for money so that they could serve the “starving Wren” – it
ultimately goes to their own pockets.

In Ukraine, a special
tradition takes place on Christmas Eve. The holiday is known as Sviata Vechara –
meaning Holy Supper – it is celebrated right after the first star is spotted
that night.


Kwanzaa is essentially
an ancient festival in which Africans used to celebrate family ideals like
unity and strength. It’s a spiritual holiday that is celebrated from the 26th
of December to the 1stof January. On this occasion, many Africans
dress up in special clothes and decorate their homes with fruits and


The 31st of
December is the final day of the year. In Ecuador, families tend to dress up in
old clothes representing the old year. They use this time to contemplate and
think of the mistakes and faults they made. They also burn straw man at
midnight to show positive hopes for the New Year.

In Japan, New Year’s
Eve is the second most important holiday of the year. For them, it’s the
starting of a brand new chapter – a new beginning! They gather around for late
dinner and visit shrines and temples at midnight.

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We know that the list
of December holidays is long, but which is your favorite holiday around the
world in 2020? You can check out the latest Google Doodle as it has mentioned
all December holidays 2020. If you ask us, we’ll go for Christmas! After all, you can’t just not love Christmas celebrations, like the Christmas
trees and other Christmas traditions.

When you talk about the
world of holidays, it’s the Festival of Lights that stands out the most. 

Updated December 21, 2020
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