Cyber Monday Deals 2020: 9 Items You Must Avoid Buying AT ANY COST

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  • POSTED ON: November 30, 2020

Cyber Monday deals 2020 | Cyber Monday items to avoid!

To all the shopaholics out there, Cyber Monday is officially
here yet it’s time to shop wisely and avoid Cyber Monday deals!

From deals, you won’t get to see in-store to discount offers
that haven’t made it to the Black Friday sale, now is the time to get online
and shop whatever god damn thing you want! But beware of Cyber scams and scammers!

So, let the insanity began!!

While online shopping offers easy access to thousands of
deals from the comfort of your couch, it can also be a nuisance if you get your
hands-on the wrong deals and overspend on categories that offer no discounts whatsoever!

And not to mention all the scammers disguised as angels and
stealing your personal information— and eventually— your money. Online shopping
is both a blessing and also a curse. While services like products and grocery
delivery offer convenience, there are also some not-so-great deals that are simply
to showcase or creating hype for later holiday events.

Honestly, such deals are not really worth the Cyber Monday

When thousands of options offer online with prices you
haven’t seen before, even the smartest person could
fall into the trap and buy something stupid that’s not even worth the money!

Well, don’t worry! We’ve got your back! We’ve prepared a list
of items, you should avoid buying if you don’t want your Cyber Monday deals to
turn into Cyber Monday Fails:

1. Low-end
or lower-end laptops!                        

You may find brilliant offers and deals on lower-end laptops,
but they are not simply worth the buy. This is because lower-end laptops
usually don’t last long; it requires more work and you can’t even re-sale it.
So, it’s better to purchase one intermediate or high-end laptops on sale, with
good specs and functionality that also last long for years.

2. Sound

Along with many entry-level deals we see on Black Friday
have all these crazy soundbar offerings, because apparently the retailers
assume that if you buy a TV you will more likely to buy a soundbar. So, it’s
always better to purchase higher-end soundbars that offer extra-speakers,
tweeters, and the HDR support rather than standalone soundbars we saw on Black
Friday available at 50% off. 

3. Appliances

Appliances are not a great Cyber Monday purchase because of
several reasons; first if you spend all your savings on buying an expensive
refrigerator on sale, you will miss other deals and discount offers that are worth
purchasing especially on Cyber Monday. Second, there are better deals coming up
on December 2nd or 3rd at Home Depot and Lowes; so the
deals currently offering right now in Cyber Monday are more likely to be
available at much cheaper rates at the end of the year. So, hold up a little to
get maximum savings because you may find some great grabs at the end of the

4. Winter

Make sure your wives read this!

Winter clothing is not the best Cyber Monday grabs; it includes
all the accessories, coats, scarves, sweaters and everything you want to cover
up your body from chilly winds. This is because you will find many spectacular
deals on winter clothing later this year, as we inch closer to Christmas.

If you’re still looking at some store-wide sales, make sure
you don’t buy things tied specifically to winters, because you will definitely
get better ones later this year.

5. Fitness

Yes, fitness items are also not a good purchase on Cyber
Monday! No offence to fitness freaks, but purchasing fitness gadgets and
equipment on Cyber Monday is probably not a wise decision.

According to experts, this is not the season where you see a
major drop in prices on fitness items. So, if you don’t have enough money or if
you’re looking to save some bucks, avoid buying fitness items on Cyber Monday

6. TV

Truth be told, the TV deals we see on Cyber Monday are
basically kind of Black Friday TV rejects, meaning whatever is left in the
Black Friday sales will probably be recycled on Cyber Monday.

However, you will see some deals from Sony and Samsung on
Cyber Monday 2020 if they drop. But as a whole, the TVs that are manufactured
specifically for Black Friday sales have 60 Hz processor, a few HDMI ports and
untraceable models, all the lower-end TVs that are simply not worth your time
and money!

So, quite clearly, whatever doesn’t sell on Black Friday
just gets pushed over to Cyber Monday.

7. Buying
a new or used car

Cyber Monday is usually meant to create a built and hype for
the later holiday sale events.

Fords, for example, is planning to run some major discount
deals later this year, more specifically around Christmas. If you wait till
Christmas, or more particularly Christmas Eve, you’re going to get amazing
deals on vehicles versus any of those sweeping deals you find on Cyber Monday

If we consider the previous year’s purchasing trends in this
category, it has been observed that consumers will actually get 10% more cash
back in their pocket based on incentives, if they choose to purchase around
Christmas and not on Cyber Monday.

8. Toys

Toys, Legos, stuffed items, and whatever your children would
want this year on Christmas are not the best purchase on Cyber Monday sale

The reason is simple: the closer you wait to Christmas, the
better the deals will be on toys and other Christmas kiddie items. More specifically,
you may find some great toy deals on Green Monday coming up soon, which is
basically Cyber Monday part 2.

9. Furniture

Again, the so-called “amazing” and “shocking” furniture
deals you see on Cyber Monday are actually leftover Black Friday deals!
Retailers like Overstock, Ashley Furniture, and Wayfair are planning to run
some great deals at a year-end blowout or close-out events.

We sincerely hope that the hype of Cyber Monday helps you forget it’s Monday! so, be wise and shop smartly! Read FBI’s guide here for the upcoming holiday season scams.

Also, don’t forget to read about Cyber Monday scams. Good luck!


Updated November 30, 2020
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