Coronavirus Will Soon Reach Its Peak in Massachusetts

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  • POSTED ON: March 31, 2020

One state where coronavirus cases continue to increase is Massachusetts. The city went under lockdown last week with only essential services operating but this action has done little to prevent the spread of the virus. Health care facilities are trying their best to accommodate as many patients as they can but the lack of resources, especially ventilators are causing a hindrance.

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The local government also made a website so that citizens and organizations could help and donate the required equipment but it is still not sufficient as researchers say that the virus has yet to reach its peak in Massachusetts.

On Monday, Governor Baker said, “If we get the 1000 ventilators the feds are promising, that will make a big difference.” The patients entering the facilities add to the pressure of providing ventilators and beds every day along with predictions of researchers who suggest that the virus needs to be controlled urgently in the state.

Right now, paramedics estimate that they need 1000-1400 additional ventilators to accommodate the growing number of patients and if the predicted new wave of April 7 to April 17 arrives, the situation will become far worse.

This estimation was made by the researcher at the University of Washington who notified that coronavirus might reach its peak in the Bay State around April 14th. The research paper prepared from the fundings of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation points out the future model for all fifty states as noted by the university’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

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The paper has been presented after a close study of all the measures that different states have taken to limit the spread of the virus. It states that hospitals in Massachusetts would require 2700 more beds to successfully deal with the expected increase in the upcoming weeks. On average, 80 people could die every day so it is important to take timely measures and the governor should urge the federal government to provide ventilators to the health facilities in the state.

The model predicts that the virus might stay in the state till August and kill a total of 1700 people if the trend continues to increase. Unfortunately, the research has proved to be quite accurate and confirms the cases that have surged during the weekend as reported by The White House.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said on Sunday that the fatalities across the entire country might reach over 100 000 in the upcoming months.

“I think that number is probably optimistic,” said Samuel Scarpino, an assistant professor at Northeastern University who studies networks and complex systems, including the spread of infectious diseases. He believes that researchers are being modest in their predictions because if the same trend continues for another month, we are looking at millions of fatalities in the United States. “We are in a very, very serious situation and we need to be moving decisively,” he said.

All the researchers acknowledge that no one knows when the virus will go away and the numbers will only go down once the respective departments come up with the cure.

Updated March 31, 2020
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