Colorado Lawsuit against Autism Child| Here’s how you can Help the Family Receive Justice!

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  • POSTED ON: March 11, 2021

Tuesday, the mother of the Colorado boy filed for the federal lawsuit and
accused the school officials and police deputies of aggressively handcuffing
and detaining her 11 year old child for hours in 2019. The reason is not even
required, but the officers claim that they did it because they he was poking a
classmate with a pencil.

lawsuit that was filed for unspecified damages was initially filed in US District
Court. The deputies that were responsible for handcuffing the boy left him
alone for two hours as well. Apparently, officials didn’t demand medical
attention when he had banged his head on a plexiglass partition in a patrol
car. He was also held captive in a detention center on a couple of assaults,
and he tried to resist charges as well. His parent posted a $25,000 bond and
only after that were they able to get him out.

lawsuit was actually filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado.
The detention actually occurred on Aug 29 in the year 2019, and that was after
he poked a classmate with a pencil. He was actually reacting to another
classmate as he had written on him with a marker at Sagewood Middle School in
the Douglas County town of Parker.

to the official statement, the boy (known as AV) is sensitive to touch and he gets
agitated whenever someone uses the marker. The boy calmed down with the help of
a school psychologist, and when the Principal arrived due to the officer’s
request, he was arrested.

was handcuffed and taken into custody for investigation for assault, as he
injured his classmate. The charges were dropped soon after.

“When we saw him, his forehead and arms were
so swollen and bruised. After we bailed him out, he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t
speak. A.V. was — is — definitely traumatized. We all are.”
– Said the mother after in a statement
released by the ACLU.

lawsuit claims that the school and the police deputies were responsible for
acting irresponsible and they violated the rights of the child. The law they
broke is called the Americans with Disabilities Act. The victims seek
unspecified damages from the Douglas County School District as well as the
three officers.

officers are included as they violated the rights of the child and broke the
Fourth Amendment right to be free from excessive force.

sheriff didn’t comment on the lawsuit at first, but soon said that they wanted
to respond to it as it was a criminal allegation.

“In this particular incident, it was reported
that a student had stabbed another student with a pair of scissors. It was also
reported that a staff member had been assaulted.” –
He said.

have decided not to go on long explanations, and want to handle the lawsuit correctly.

lawsuit against the autism child is straight up frustrating because what else
can you expect when the FBI and Department of Justice a lagging behind? A child
was abused and his rights were violated and that case should’ve ended there.

are talking about the 500mg of the drug and the 11 year-old boy with autism but
no one is talking about the culprits – the school and the deputies in charge! It’s
time for all of us to come together and seek justice – our voice has the power
to do so!

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Updated March 11, 2021
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