Christmas Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbours Jealous

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  • POSTED ON: December 22, 2020

With Christmas just a few days away, we can’t stop binge-watching all the sweet sweet Christmas movies. From comedy to romance, we’ve made our way through the films from the 90’s to the most recent releases on Netflix. While love and big romantic gestures sweep us off our feet, one thing that catches our eye is the breath-taking house decorations of the characters’ homes. Light decorations create a magical atmosphere by adding a festive sparkle to everything.

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If you’re looking for some great ideas of Christmas lighting decoration, here are some ways you can illuminate your house that will make your neighbours jealous:

Keepin’ it natural

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When decorating the outside of your house for Christmas, make use of the natural elements and accentuate them with beautiful lighting. You won’t need a lot of supplies for this one, because all you need is string lights.

If you have a porch, light it up with fairy lights and any plants in the vicinity can also be illuminated with either spotlights or string lights. While it’ll look pretty in the day time, this decoration will help you make a dramatic statement as night falls. 

Go traditional

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If you’re one to keep up with traditions, this Christmas lighting style is the right one for you. The colours of Christmas are red and white. Find a way to get your hands on old school oversized red and white bulbs and place them randomly on the plants outside your house.

Consider putting a delicate plant creeper on your front door and pop some more lights on there. Another way to stand out in your neighbourhood is by installing yellow lights on the eaves of the roof. Don’t get on the roof yourself as it could be dangerous; hire a professional electrician to help you out.

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Gorgeous greenery

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Lights don’t have to be the centre pieces of the decoration. If you’re someone who likes plants, you can choose to load up your porch and front door with plants (pot plants, creepers, or Christmas wreaths, whatever you like).

The best part about this deck lighting idea is that you can still choose to illuminate the outdoor decorations with beautiful lanterns that have LED candles inside. You can include an extra touch to the set up with red and white ribbons to add some Christmas spirit to the décor.

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Enhance the architecture

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If you own a house with unique architecture, it’s going to be the perfect canvas for Christmas decorations. Many houses have large front porches, this allows the owners to be more creative with their décor. You can consider putting café style, hanging string lights along the front porch and put up artificial trees with some distance. To highlight the detail of the architecture, hang up special ornaments in different corners that catch the eye.

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To add a unique touch, you can get a laser light of any colour you like and place it at a distance with your home; it’ll put thousands of twinkles on your home, making it look like it came straight outta fairy tale.

Novelty Christmas lights

String lights are not your only option, you can go with something a little different by choosing star lights, reindeer string lights, holiday light balls, snowflake icicle lights, or battery-operated reindeer and sleigh lights. These unique lights will help you decorate your front yard in the most adorable manner. The best part is these lights have different modes and can be controlled through a remote.

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Another cool idea is that you can make little light balls using your regular string lights. Hang these light balls from the porch or any large tree that you might have in your yard; they’ll look exquisite dangling from a high place during the night.

Marquee sign

One of the best ideas for Christmas decorations is to put up a marquee sign in your yard to get into holiday spirit and to celebrate it in a grand way. There are many businesses from where you can get these signs with light bulbs implanted in them.

You can have your sign say any of the festive words including merry, cheer, or joy. If you go with this decoration idea, it’ll be super funky and eye-catching.

Quick Marvels

If you’re short on time, and can’t make any grand plans for Christmas decorations, we suggest you go with something simple yet pretty. Get two little faux Christmas trees and place them at each side of your front door, embellish them with cute presents and ornaments, and hang a merry Christmas banner across the porch. And voila! A quick yet cute fix to your décor woes. 

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No matter what kind of decorations you choose to go with, if your spirits are high and mighty, these Christmas lighting ideas will help bring you in mood for festivities. We wish you luck with your endeavours and when you’re done decorating your house, maybe you can help your struggling neighbour reach the level of greatness you’ve managed to accomplish. 

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Updated December 22, 2020
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