Chadwick Boseman’s death should change the way we look at sick people

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 1, 2020

In the last couple of
months, we’ve lost many people. The Black Community, however, has been hit the
hardest as it has undergone a revolutionary path and straight-up challenged the
racist bigots who accuse them of frauds they never committed. It’s been an
exhausting fight and people are tired now.

We lost an important
person this week and nobody is still sure how to react to this incredible loss.
Grief is definitely the primary emotion but underneath this pain is

Two years ago, Chadwick
Boseman broke down while recalling the story of two boys who fought their
illness only to witness
BlackPanther in all its glory. Little did we know he was fighting the same
battle at the time. We lost our hero to Colon Cancer and he was only 43 years

Black Panther changed
the game entirely and for that, we’re ever so grateful to
Chadwick Boseman. He gave us a kind hero, a humble king, and a legend that will live
on forever. He helped us reimagine what it meant to be a Black Superhero. He
represented a marginalized community on screen beautifully.

We remember him as a
kind, courageous, and honorable man. Throughout his career, he has carried
himself with dignity and charm. He was respected by his colleagues and admired
for his talent.

His death has come as a
shock to his fans and they can’t help but wonder why he chose to keep his illness
a secret. We can only make assumptions now since the man is not here to give clarification.
However, one cannot deny that the most prominent reason must be fear.

It’s time we all face
the truth. We all view disabled and ill people as weak when in reality they’re
the most courageous and brave. All the other aspects of their personality are
overlooked because of their illness. It’s true that once a person is diagnosed with
a terminal disease, their world changes.

However, it’s not
because of the illness itself, it’s because people around them begin to treat
them differently. Before they could give up, the world around them gives up.
And maybe that’s why he kept his illness a secret. He knew that if people found
out, they would never look at their hero in the same way.

He fought his illness
for four years so no one should claim that he was running away from it. He
fought until his last breath. Even in his last days, he used his voice and
platform to discuss and bring attention to important issues.

Unfortunately, racism didn’t
spare him till his final days. A couple of months ago, pictures of him looking
excessively thin and weak started flooding online after which people started
calling him Crack Panther. This was absolutely disgusting because people
accused him of using drugs. Everyone knows it was the color of his skin that
made people jump to this conclusion. Little did we know that it was the effect
of chemotherapy and countless surgeries that he underwent without telling a
single soul.

It is time to
treat ill people with some dignity so that they don’t have to hide their pain
away. Remember what he stood for and imbibe those
qualities to keep his legacy alive. He believed in the purpose and spreading
joy. Let’s not take anything for granted… ever!

Rest in peace,


Updated September 1, 2020
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