Celebrating 4th Of July Amidst A Pandemic

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  • POSTED ON: June 30, 2020

4th of July is just around the corner – as a reminder that our lives have been at a standstill since January. The lockdown has been especially tough on our children as they’ve been forced inside the house for more than three months now. For them, it’s completely abnormal – who discourages their children to not play outside? Who puts restrictions on gatherings with friends? Forget everything, who forces their children to attend classes from home? These activities are vital for their growth and learning. But parents have no better choice than to limit their participation in these random but essential activities.

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What are parents going to tell their kids this time? Easter was challenging enough and now there’s another important celebration that they might have to miss this year.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered because we are going to provide you with some genius ideas that will make your 4th of July celebrations easier and efficient. All these ideas are creative as they will not only allow you to celebrate this holiday in high spirits but also make sure that you and your family maintain social distance.

As you know, many parades have been canceled this year due to the pandemic. But you don’t need to feel disappointed because you can still have your own parade! Decorate your vehicles, create your own marching bands, throw candies during the parade, and stream the actual parade live from the comfort of your home. In short, you’ll get to spend quality time with your children when they decorate their bicycles and it will also refresh their minds.

Of course, who can miss the special 4th of July fireworks? The first and obvious thing you can do is to watch the fireworks from your garden. Or you can also drive to a safe place nearby and watch from inside your car – hey! Don’t forget the popcorns.  And if you have the permit, you can also light up your own backyard and enjoy the fireworks using color-changing logs and glow sticks, etc.

You can also create competition and play games like three-legged race and cartwheel contests. Take pictures and make sure you have prizes for all the games. The food should have variety – sundae, ice creams, custards, pizza, have it all! Watch patriotic songs, watch classics like “1776”, “Hamilton” and “Hidden Figures” with your children.

So, which idea do you like the most? 

And don't forget, during this pandemic, if you still have your family safe and secure with you, then every day is a celebration and 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!

Updated June 30, 2020
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