Busting the Myths That Surround Fasting, Here’s the Truth

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  • POSTED ON: June 17, 2020

The human body is a machine. The way you treat and manage it over time, is how it’s going to appear and transform. Your cells rejuvenate every 24 hours and amongst them are some that are known as growth cells. Use them well and they will literally take the trash out of your body making it fresh, detoxified, and effectively young.

The truth is that you need to understand the time and how certain processes are better off if carried on for shorter terms. Take Fasting or starvation, for example. If you stay hungry and starve yourself from all things healthy for an unnecessarily long time, your body will succumb to illnesses and even develop life-threatening disorders.

Recently a new book on the science of the body and energy is published called The Switch. In this book, author and research scientist James Clement explains the secrets of people who reach the age of 110.

Around the same time, a study on Nature is published which confirms the hypothesis concluded by Clement saying that your body’s switch on and off modes cannot coexist with the trash removal that is the autophagy. Furthermore, it says that it is “implicated in metabolic disorders, neuro-degeneration, cancer and aging.”

In layman terms, this study asserts that human beings not only age fast but they also abuse their bodies when they continue to eat unhealthy junk at awful hours. To find proper rest, our bodies require a break from eating as well.

Last year, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey boasted about his fasting ritual. He said that he would go for 22 hours without eating anything and would only settle to eat one meal at dinner time. He also added that he would go the entire weekend without eating a single meal. Does it sound healthy to you?

“I felt like I was hallucinating.” – He said.

However, he also said that after his body adjusted to the new routine, he became more focused and euphoric. It’s a matter of concern when these words come from a public figure. They can trigger anorexic and bulimic symptoms in young women. Obviously, he received a lot of criticism.

“It’s both remarkable and depressing to watch Jack Dorsey blithely describe a diet that would put any woman — or any non-wealthy man — into the penalty box of public opinion." – Wrote columnist Monica Hesse of the Washington Post.

If you think that Clement is endorsing Dorsey’s insane rituals, then you’re about to be mind blown. This research scientist first busted the myth and said that fasting only works for 16 hours. He said, "I have friends who are bulimic, I know how serious a problem it is. The kind of fasting that I'm talking about is just making sure your mTOR and autophagy are in balance."

So, let’s just break down what Clement actually said.

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Eat Real Food

You need to treat the mTOR switch like you treat your medicine. Make sure you are taking the right dosage and consuming it at the right time. Furthermore, he said that fats can’t be all bad for you. Your body, on the contrary, needs good fat. So, don’t completely cut it out from your diet. Add fish, avocados, plant-based oils and nuts, macadamias and regular greens in your diet and you’re good to go!

Cut Out Meat And Milk From The Diet

Clement might be into vegan food but he doesn’t want you to deprive yourself of your meat. However, he does warn that it flips the mTOR switch into high gear. And so does dairy. What you can do is divide your days, weeks, months, and year into two: Growth and fasting time. This can solve the holiday problem for you and allow you to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

The Progress Is Not That Slow

When it comes down to fasting he said, “You only have about six to 10 hours worth of glycogen stored in your body at any given time. So you can actually burn through those overnight — if you didn't load up with carbs in your evening meal or 11 o'clock snacks."

The best time to fast is between 7 PM and 1 PM. You not only eat your dinner early on but also get on track just in time for lunch!       

Failure Is Part Of The Process                   

The most effective tip that Clement has given is to keep it under control. So, you don’t need to go completely berserk if you take one pepperoni on a Sunday. Cheat days are still valid. Keep it sane, and keep it manageable!


Updated June 17, 2020
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